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Survival Mode.
Some of the things stress can do.

Survival Mode. Things that happen to your body when you get the fight, freeze or run away responses. You may notice that many of these occur when you enter a stress state or become stressed. Reducing and removing worry, anxiety and feeling of fear produce the incredible relief of symptoms.

If you are in a dangerous situation or have allowed stress to hit, you're body, and survival instincts will do some very cool things. It accelerated the stuff you need, like more blood and oxygen and energy, and it will shut down what you do not need.

Things like digestion, eating and absorption in your intestinal tract. It will get rid of waste matter you have, shut down your immune system, turn off your reproductive system, allow you to become highly emotional, and if you survive these things will be reversed.

You release the catecholamine hormones, amongst other things, which causes your body to go on high alert status, and this causes physical reactions that will allow you to be ready for violent muscular action and these include the following.

Acceleration of your heart and lung action.
You are going to need all the blood and oxygen you can get, this is one of the reasons why when you get stressed you breath faster when anxiety or worry strikes it is a common symptom and can lead to hyperventilation. Your circulation changing can cause you to go as "white as a ghost" or cause you to blush and your face or neck to flash red. So if you suffer from excessive blushing, now you know why.

Loss of Hearing.
Have you ever wondered why it is that when you are having an argument or yourself arguing with someone, often you feel as if they are not listening to you and can't understand your point of view? You on the other hand often ignore many of the valid points they make.

Tunnel vision and loss of peripheral vision.
How many times when stress hits are you in a position where you just can't see. It is not only physical vision that is affected it is also emotional vision. Have you ever needed to go somewhere and you really do not want to go?

Suddenly you are unable to find your car keys. You look everywhere, your partner asks what are you looking for? "My bloody cars keys, I can't find them."
"Darling they are right under your nose, right in front of you."

Ever wondered why when you get highly emotional and stressed you: "I can't see a way out of this" "It looks bleak" "Just can't see how to do this."

Acceleration of instantaneous reflexes. This is a big no-brainer. Often under high stress, we can strike, hit or attack people. If we are over emotionally or have been unwise and allowed pressure to build up, often it is the people we love who we attack.

General effect on the sphincters of the body.
If you have to fight or run, it is an excellent idea for you to dump toxins, it may also put off your attacker. Dropping these will make you lighter and faster, even if you get injured there is less chance of this waste matter infecting you. Ever wondered why before an interview, exam or test, if you are feeling nervous, you have to keep going to the loo.

Sorting out interview nerves and exam stress will sort this out. Often people who suffer from the effects of "Irritable Bowel Symptoms" respond very well to a course in stress management.

Digestion will shut down.
A lot of energy is used to digest the food we eat, and mother nature wants all the power it can get to keep you alive, so she shuts down your digestion. If you live, she will turn it back on later. Ever wondered why we get so many stomach and gut pains and intestinal problems when we are stressed? Or why it is that many people who have had a significant upset in life lose weight?

The immune system will be slowed down or turned off.
Once again at this moment in time, it is not needed, this part of your survival uses a lot of energy to keep you alive if you survive it will go on high alert and be entirely used to repair any injury and heal any wounds you may have.

You may have noticed that some people get ill after a significant life event. My father got diabetes after my mother was diagnosed with cancer. People who have suffered from long-term stress often get, and doctors now recognise that stress and its harmful effects directly contribute to many illnesses.

Nutrients particularly fat and glucose get fired into your body for muscular action.
Lots of instantly available power, but the type of fuel you need in this situation is different from what you would typically use.

Needing to fight, freeze or run away for a long time will keep these fuel types in your body and if they are not used for a real fight, freeze or run away. Guess what happens to them? Your heart and circulatory system are affected. People who are relaxed, seem to be healthier and have happier lives live longer.

Inhibition of the lacrimal gland which is responsible for your tear production and salivation. Ever wondered why you have a "dry mouth" when nervous or in some highly emotional situations you are "unable to cry" when that would be a natural and healthy response?

Reproductive system shuts down.
This is a no-brainer. At the moment I need to kill, freeze or run like hell. Our reproductive system and sexual desire and drives play a large part in our lives so it will come as no surprise that these systems use a lot of energy.

It may even be that all we are is a means of mother nature to spread DNA, as wide as possible and she has devised an excellent way of doing this. However stress, anxiety worry and fear will directly affect this area of our being.

Many "sex-related disorders and anxieties" are directly affected by this result, and our reproductive system can slow down or shut down. We all know of cases where a couple have been trying for a baby for some time, and nothing seems to work, they have infertility problems, yet when they give up, or stop trying, or foster a child. Suddenly they become pregnant.

These are just some of the main effects that being in a constant state of high alert and ignoring the impact of stress in our lives can have.

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