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Leamington Spa Hypnosis offers you highly effective, practical and individual services in hypnosis, NLP, EFT and common sense.

This combination of proven powerful therapeutic techniques, allows you to get the results you want in the shortest time. Without you having to spend months in therapy. Most of my clients see me three times and all experience personal change from the first visit. As you will.

You now have the opportunity to be in control of your emotions and life, maybe for the first time. To have more control over your emotions and feelings, habits, beliefs and lifestyle choices.

You do for the most part create your life and have the things in it that you have chosen, were they wise choices? After all, it is usually your feeling that hurt you. You can learn to control your own mind and emotions. That is after all what you want,

You are here because you want to make significant changes in your life. I can help you to do this and more. You have habits, thoughts, behaviours or emotions that have been holding you back and preventing you from living in a way that you dream of. Yet, no one showed or helped you how to be in control of them. Until now.

These feelings and states that you may have of fear, anxiety, panic, guilt or worry. Some state of mind that you no longer want to have. There are ways to remove them. Removing unwanted habits and beliefs that inhibit your pleasures in your life and those around you.

These habits affect not only you and your lifestyle but also your family, children and your work situation. We do influence the people around us are they happy around you? Are you aware of your own negative self-hypnosis and how you are manipulating and affect those around you with unconscious hypnosis?

I can teach you how to remove unwanted feeling and habits that you may have. The flip side is that often in life we also have to make a painful and difficult decision in life. To make changes and often fear and anxiety stop us from doing this, you can learn how to do what is necessary.

Using Hypnosis Self Hypnosis NLP and EFT. You can now acquire more of the feelings that allow you to feel good in your life. Did you know that you can feel good for no reason?

Design states of mind that are just as powerful as your old negative ones? Condition your own mind to work with you. Instead of against you. Help your partner and help your children. You can learn to design states of mind that you have never experienced. Yes. You can create how you will feel in many situations and discover what mental and emotional skills you need to perform at far higher levels, but that's later.

One of the benefits of developing mind master skills is the greater choice you have in life. Many can only respond to events that happen in a couple of ways. If these have become automatic, well you don't have any choice do you?

Mental skills and abilities give you more options and possibilities you can develop more flexible responses.

One of the most significant benefits of learning how to use hypnosis, NLP, EFT and psychological intelligence is in the reduction of hassles and stress in your life, fewer annoyances in your life. With me, you will learn how to develop more powerful habits and beliefs that increase your quality of life and those around you both emotionally and physically.

Now you can experience exquisite fast, effective permanent life change from a highly experienced and successful master of the Hypnotic arts. You can now acquire more of the feelings that allow you to feel good in your life.

You can also acquire good life skills, you brush your teeth every day and shower and maybe change your clothes. Do you do the same with your emotional life or your mental landscape? Probably not yet it is just as necessary for healthy emotional life.

You can learn how to minimise future damage in your life. Stuff will happen in our lives that is unpleasant however you can acquire the mental, emotional and psychological tools and skills before these things happen to minimise and often sidestep much of it.

I often point out that the time to know first aid or CPR is not when someone is on the floor in front of you. If you get the skills before you need them, you have a far better chance.

My goal is to get you the result you want. Decide to design your life and experience greater joy and magic.

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