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Who do I have to become?

Who do I have to become?
When deciding on an outcome very few people will look at what it takes and who they will have to become to achieve the goal. Even fewer look into if the achievement is worth the time and life it will take.

Many people set themselves goals and positive outcomes in life, some achieve them and grow and develop the most amazing lifestyle. Many do not realise the goals they want. Even if they have done everything right and put in the time and effort to consider all the options really necessary.

So what went wrong?
Often it is something so simple that it has been missed. Who Do I have To Become?
Your personal character who you are, your habits, what you believe, what opinions you have, what you daily do, what you now choose to avoid doing, how you habitually think, how you feel, what new skills and resources does this new you have, even down to what kind of friends and partners you will have to have.

Guess that is obvious when you look at it, yet few people do this one simple, but also very complex and details analysis. It even applies to something simple like choosing to reduce the amount of stress in your life and losing weight. Yet it can be done in an hour or so. First time around.

Basically, you are asking yourself honestly, if you have the personal traits necessary to achieve the outcome, and if you currently do not. Are you willing to do what is required for a time, study, effort, practice, mastery and money invested in getting them. It is at this point most people decide it is not worth the effort.

This is not always self-sabotage or negative thing it can be a form of a stoic practice Practical Pessimism.

In a way, you could say "are you worthy of achieving your goals?"
Jim Rohn, said, “For your life to get better, you must get better.”
Les Brown, “To achieve something you have never achieved before you must become someone you have never been.”

Who you become won’t be you, as you are now.
This scares many people right down to the bone and sends them into a state of fear, which stops them even considering the advantages of undertaking this fantastic voyage of self-discovery and personal power.

To transcend the natural takes an exceptional kind of person, not the average. If you would like to find out what it takes to "find the perfect partner", click on that last link.

Most people who decide that it is not worth the effort, without deep thought are just running on auto-pilot responses and comfort zones. Learning how to analyse and wipe out these old limiting responses is well worth the time and effort it takes. Why.

Because if you don’t, it will cost you the rest of your life.

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