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Tertiary Gain and Ecology Check.

Tertiary gain and doing an ecology check is a fascinating subject that often raises its head in therapy and personal change work.

So what is it?
Well, it is when someone other than you has a benefit in you keeping your problem or not making changes in your life. They are currently profiting or benefiting from you being as you are.

If you change or the situation changes they will lose.
It is often found in families and friends, and if you have decided to transform yourself and become someone different, it will be something that you will have to prepare for and understand.

Sometimes in NLP, it is called an ecology check.
Who will be affected by what you want to do?
How can you inoculate against it?
What other changes will you have to make?

These are important things to consider if you want to increase your chances of success.
Often the other people involved will have little knowledge of what they are doing, as they may be driven by entirely
subconscious motivations that are unknown to them, although many people have made the conscious decision that they will lose out if you get what you want.

An example of this is what is called "cash cows" well known in the social service industry. This is when someone is kept as a victim, and the power that they have is reduced due to the benefits the "other " will receive.

Other examples may be a partner, parent, loved one or family member, or even your boss. Who up until now because your problem derives some financial, emotional or ego-based benefits, that otherwise, they will not get if you change.

When you attempt to change or remove your problem, you may well come up against massive resistance to it. People around you may experience fear, anxiety, worry and panic due to the loss they will suffer, and they may attempt to hold you back and do anything to stop you.

Sometimes making a change and discovering you will have to make changes far more significant than you first thought can be a wake-up call.

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