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Placebo The Value of Suggestion.

A substance with no medicinal properties which causes a patient to improve because of his belief in its efficacy.

(Experimental) A substance administered to a control group in an experiment in which the experimental group receives a drug in order to eliminate the effect of the act of administering the drug.

Can a little bit of sugar or coloured water keep you from catching colds, cure a skin disease, or even make a cancer disappear? All of these have been reported as "placebo" effects in scientific literature. In fact, there is hardly any human characteristic or problem that has not been shown to be affected by placebos in one research or other.
It may be true to say that Placebos have actually been researched more than drugs, every drug is tested including tests against placebos

A placebo is used as a control in an experiment.

A placebo effect occurs when the placebo, which cannot on its own merit have any affect, does have the same or similar affect as the test substance or procedure.

Take a look at the research that has been conducted on our response times as affected by alcohol. People were given doses of alcohol at certain time intervals and their responses are tested following each drink. And to make sure nothing else is causing the changes t. A control group is given a placebo.

Both groups are treated the same and usually the researchers have no idea which group has the real alcohol. This is due to the fact that they discovered that if they knew the results changed.

As you might expect, those subjects who receive alcohol begin, at some point, to show a change in their responses. And of course given enough of the alcoholic beverage many of them get plastered.

Now the cool thing is that some of the test subjects who were given the placebo acted tipsy and sometimes even got drunk.

Surely this shows the power of our minds and the power of suggestion.

Dr Richard Bandler tells of research he was involved in were heron users came each day for there shots.

They were put in to another trance and while in hypnosis told they were being injected with heron. Strange they did not experience cold turkey.
Until the test time was over and they were told what had been done.

Many clients who are mothers tell me that they never get colds....they do not have the time. Bandler even attempted to market Placebo as effective treatment. He was stopped from doing so even though the evidence is there for there effectiveness.

The power of suggestion is truly amazing. So be very careful what you suggest to your self.