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Panic Attacks.
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Panic Attacks have been traditionally called “some thing inside your self , but out side your control”

This view seams to suggest that you have no control of your control levels of mind, your subconscious or basic self. The panic comes from this area of mind as do all your emotions, and yet most people mistakenly believe that these are not in there control. This is not true.

Lets just look at the situation for a minute. suddenly out of nowhere you get the most distressing feelings, your heart beats fast, may be you hear it. You might feel faint and have feelings that you are going to lose control. You sweat and your breathing becomes faster.

What a state to be in, yet it is just a state.

Were do Panic Attacks Come From?
They are generated by your subconscious mind or basic self.

Your subconscious mind is the store of all your memories and emotions.
It is from this area that the Panic Attacks come. Usually it is a signal, admittedly an extreme one of something that your basic self has been attempting to get your attention on for some time. And something that you have chosen not to look at and resolve.

It is a protection mechanism and does serve a useful purpose, and if you have clicked on the link above, you may now understand how they came about.

So How Do I Remove and Stop The Attacks.
NLP has some very useful techniques to defuse a Panic Attack in a short time. These can be learnt from any highly skilled practitioner of NLP Hypnosis or HUNA one session. They are techniques that you will have to use, however they will give you instant control.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is very effective in the removal of Panic Attacks. Both these methods will obviously include the use of hypnosis and any competent Hypnotherapists will remove these attacks in one to three sessions. You will also learn self hypnosis so that you may continue to develop and use the techniques for the rest of your life.

Huna. This system will teach you to make friends with your control levels of mind, to be on intimate terms and more importantly to reconcile any inappropriate programs and misunderstanding that you may have unwittingly absorbed from others.

What Can I Do?
OK, realise that there are ways for you to remove this problem, as a mature adult only you can decide to take action to remove this problem from you life. The first thing you need to do is decide that you want control. It will cost you time learning and money.

One of the first things to realise is that you do have control over your breathing.
Breathing is one of the ways that you gain control over your basic self, it is almost as if when you slow your breathing down and breath as nature intended, low in your abdomen, it signals a desire to relax.

So chose to breath slow and deep to behind your belly button, as you do so your abdomen will extend, do this well and your back and sides will also.

Slow down the voices in your mind. Tell your selves that you are beginning to grow calmer. Want it to happen, expect it to happen, then get out of your own way and let it happen.

Your brain gives you more of what you focus on.
So focus on being calm.

Next realise that the feelings have a reason for being, so hire a hypnotist or a neuro linguistic programmer to teach you how to gain the control of a part of you.