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Most people admire those who have self-confidence and know who and what they are. Those who seem to operate in an efficient and graceful way in life. Often they have higher levels of competence and skill they seem to attract more exciting lifestyles and pleasures in life.

They experience less stress and annoyances and seem to be less affected by what happens around them as they know they will handle it. Yet how often do we ask them how they do it?

They must be doing something inside there heads and emotional self that we are not doing. They are using some self-hypnosis conditioning and programming that allows them to feel this way. You can learn what they do, get the skills they have and live a similar way.

It is well known that problems with confidence and esteem lead to an unhappier life and often leads to personality disorders making your life and the lives of those around you unhappy and unfulfilled. It can lead to.

Lost opportunities and dreams. Many fail to pursue their dreams due to a lack of confidence and certainty in their own abilities. They live normal lives and just make do. They miss out on opportunities, job promotions and relationships that may well be more beneficial.

Many fears, worries and anxieties are when you look into it associated with lack of confidence an inability to trust yourself to do the right thing. Many relationships and family problems and unhappiness would vanish if people had high self-esteem, self-worth (self-love) and trust in themselves.

Feeling good about your self and having a healthy internal dialogue in your mind is vital for your emotional health and the quality of lifestyle that you live. The reasons for having less than you have are easy to fix. All you need to do is to learn how and what to do.

As you will discover it is almost like you have been an amateur hypnotist using self-hypnosis on your self to create your lack of confidence. That is part of the problem, not understanding how you unwittingly created these feelings.

Self-reliant, competent and self-assured people must have a way to create this self-assurance in themselves. To do this, they are doing something that you are not, and when you discover what they are doing, you have a great chance also to feel confident in situations that you will experience. To be able to feel sure and rely on your own abilities is one of the parts of having confidence.

In many areas of your life, you may be supremely skilled. Many people come to see me with low self-confidence or self-esteem issues, and it is always enlightening to them to discover that they have an abundance of these in specific areas. That is often highly skilled and complex.

They are able to do many things in life that can be highly dangerous. Possible this morning they got up used the bathroom and may be used a razor-sharp implement on your face or body.

Handled boiling water and did a very complex set of things without any bad feelings or little voices in your head putting you off. Maybe then they drove a car or some other means of getting to work all with total confidence.

Yet many people confidently tell me how un-confident they are.

So your problem may not be that you lack confidence in your whole life, just a few areas. You are supremely confident have trust and belief in yourself and have very high self-esteem, in many areas of your life.

So what is it?
Ultimately it is a lack of negative internal dialogue and unpleasant feelings.
It is a mix, of your self-esteem, self-love and your self-concept. It is all based on the relationship you have with yourself. When you have an excellent relationship with yourself, you can cope with job loss, divorce, injuries and other life's adversities and little setbacks.

Self-confidence is based on how well you expect to do, how well you feel and think you will perform, simply put, what you tell yourself (self-hypnosis and suggestion) and what feelings you are creating in your body by doing this.

When you have a set of active abilities and strengths that you can count on, it becomes natural, if you lack them then, you generally believe that you can’t rely on yourself. People who know they can count on themselves, who have impressive self-reliance and expect to handle the situation and hope to succeed generally achieve more.

You can learn to control your thoughts and emotions and develop a good relationship with yourself, as with any essential skill it does require some investment in time and practice and money. However, you already know that something as important as the rest of your life and happiness and the people around you is worth it.

Your past is not your future Unless you do nothing.
You can learn to control your own behaviours and responses in your life.
The biggest reason for your problem is how you run your own brain and emotions.

Most of your problems are caused by your internal dialogue, the things you always say to your self, the movies you play inside your own mind, your mental rehearsal and cynical ego. The hypnosis you are practising on a daily basis inside your own head. Your self-talk has a potent hypnotising effect on you.

Hypnosis is the most potent tool for self-creation, you may have realised by now that each time you rehearsed your old behaviours, you strengthened them. You have been an amateur hypnotist dabbling. I will teach you to become exquisite at your own self-hypnosis.

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