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Self Limiting Beliefs and Habits.
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The self-improvement lobby and most hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners will talk about self-limiting negative beliefs and habits.

What are they?
Well, they are habits, beliefs and behaviours that limit our growth and enjoyment and pleasure in your life. The programs that keep us where we are.

Beliefs are not real, and most people have not chosen what to believe, habits are acquired and selected to enhance our lives. Behaviours are just picked up without any conscious intent, so what the hell is going on?

Most people have little understanding as to how there brain and mind works, so they puddle along with life as it is. And your control mind your subconscious mind is quite happy to let this happen. It likes a comfortable life.

This is the area of your mind that really is in control of you, it is like your storehouse of you and not only controls all the events in your body, it also controls your emotions, feelings, habits and behaviours. It is your filing cabinet, and like any filing cabinet when you want something you go to the file pull it and gets the information.

Now your sub-con when any situation happens it will pull a file to look at, and go how do I behave in this situation last time? It gets the information and then tells you how to react all at an unconscious level and in an instant.

So unless you have high awareness, you have no idea why you do or say what you do.
Usually, a self-limiting belief is considered as a negative thing, and it often is however at a subconscious level of your mind it is not, it was designed to protect you, to help you to move through your realities safely.

It has a definite intent to keep you safe and functioning as programmed, even if it is painful to you. I know that this may make no sense to some of you, however, please bear with me a little longer.

Imagine a situation where for example a wife and mother is abused and has been for some years.

When you ask such ladies why they stay in this situation, they rationalise in the way that most women do, which is to do the behaviour first and then find some way to explain their actions after, justification after the fact.

Many of the excuses make no sense to, not in her situation, yet to someone in the same boat, they fully understand. So the reasons are made up to explain the behaviours. Her subconscious mind in control, will look at the current situation and go something like.

“O.K. I have survived like this for the last 10 years so as I pull the files it is apparent that I will still be here in another 10 years.”

“He is not abusive all the time, so there is an excellent chance for survival.
He contributes to food and shelter and comfort sometimes”.

If the lady has children, then her own survival and pain will be put on hold to ensure that her DNA survives and is passed on.

So the self-limiting beliefs and habits do have a very definite intent at an unconscious level.

Let me give you one more example.
A lovely lady I know regularly sabotages her relationships once she falls in love and has captured the heart of a man, she then begins a process of testing and driving the man away, and if he does not move emotionally from her, she will change city’s or countries.

At a conscious level this is absurd, yet at another level of her mind it is survival, she can predict what will happen in her life even if it unpleasant. She has developed a way to stay in her comfort zone also though she tells me she regrets some of the lovers she has lost, the possibilities that will never be.

So when someone has a limiting pattern, there is also a very definite intent behind it. As hypnotherapists we understand that a self-limiting habit is not, all that is needed is growth and maturity on our clients part.

Using hypnosis and NLP, we do discover the program and re-negotiate the deal.

To allow the controlling mind to see new ways of behaving and install new beliefs habits and programs. Often we do have to work out a new deal, and this can be challenging as what it has done has worked and is working.

If we go in with all guns blazing the controlling mind will basically ignore us, and this is a skilled master of the art of suggestion hypnosis, and NLP really pays.

The gentle and highly effective use of pilgrim self-hypnosis Mp3's that we use are a compelling way to find a new and better way to deal with your subconscious mind and do act as a defrag and virus scanner to your unconscious control levels of perception.

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