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Learning self-hypnosis is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. Many techniques of mind control use it, and it is central to self-mastery, awareness and control.

All things very few people have, so you will also gain an edge over many around you.

This will also include skills such as being less hassled, annoyed, frightened as well as learning faster and avoiding much of the emotional upset that humanity experiences.

It has been said that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and this may well be true. In the old days it was also called self-suggestion or auto-suggestion and was thought of as a magical thing, and indeed it is.

We do have many forms of self-suggestion. Some, and it may be the best way to start involves long inductions, where you are taken through a progressive relaxation technique, told to change your breathing pattern, use creative visualisation to imagine you are walking downstairs, or on a beach or some other pleasant position and place.

All good stuff as many do not know how to relax on command, control their creative imagination, or even how to use breath correctly, so all of this is a good thing.

All of these techniques will change your state and induce feelings of pleasant relaxation. Which we have been socially conditioned to believe is necessary for good self-hypnosis so it will fit in with your belief systems.

Duncan McColl’s self-hypnosis recording Relaxation is an excellent recording that will allow you to experience this and more as you are guided into self-hypnosis.

So what happens when you are in this lovely, warm feeling state?
Well, you then tell your mind what you want it to do.
Simple. All it is is talking to your self, and telling yourself what to do, think, or be.

That is all there is to it. You are meant to be in control and direct your mind. At a basic level that's all, there is to it. Good self-hypnosis recordings will allow you to learn, practice and improve this skill, and often will remove many of your glitches and problems.

In a way, it is a bit like learning to fly an aircraft. For a while, your instructor sits in the cockpit with you and guides, advises and takes control when you have a glitch. Then one day you go solo.

You are on your own, and the same thing happens with controlling your mind. As with all things you have to put time, effort, practice and money into mastering something worthwhile.

As one of my instructors says “if you don’t do the drills, you don’t get the skills.”

Mastering self-hypnosis is just the same, you will have to practice, lots of practice.

Then something amazing happens. It gets easier, faster and more effective. As along the way you will learn more and become more skilled, other doors open up to you so that you can do it in minutes.

You become more masterful at controlling your own mind and more sensitive to its needs and your own. You become aware of old outdated hypnotic instructions or ideas that others have loaded into you, such things as “God will punish you” and other silly sayings, one of my favourite is “you can't have your cake and eat it.”

How mind-numbingly dumb that?
I always ask “ so you have never bought a cake and eaten it” ‘Why the hell did you waste your money, give the cake or the money to me.”

They usually say “you know what I mean” Well no I don’t. I just know what you have programmed into your own mind as a belief, and if over the course of your life you have done that 10,000 times?

Self-hypnosis or what.
I am not attempting to be offensive, as with practice many of these things that we say to ourselves that make no sense will come to light. Remember earlier I said that “ all it is, is talking to your self, and telling your self what to do, think, or respond”

After many years of using hypnosis and helping thousands of people, it has become apparent that what we really do, is to get amateur hypnotists out of the negative states and habits they have created.

For you, this may be the biggest reason for learning self-hypnosis. To learn how to stop negatively programming your self. To stop interacting with hypnotic fantasies that you create and learn to come off autopilot responses and get your reality checker working in your own mind.

Most of the time we tell ourselves how we will be, we follow our own suggestions and then wonder why we feel as we do, it might be time to learn how to do it well.

So give me a call, or get yourself a copy of Duncan's Learn Self Hypnosis MP3.

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