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Your comfort Zones Change Them
Stay As You Are.

Your comfort Zones. We are creatures of habit and are designed to function most of the time on autopilot and go about our daily lives. Just doing the same old things without a lot of awareness.

We are conditioned from birth to be like the people around us so that we are taken care of and survive all good stuff. However, this can cause problems later in life when and if we choose to do or be something different.

We all have different comfort zones or areas of familiarity, things people and places we are comfortable with. That old cardi that we love to wear or the friends we feel at ease with.

Our subconscious mind is filled with past information on our survival and how we can reduce risk and discomfort. It is only by stretching ourselves and feeling discomfort that we develop the resilience and strength to live.

While things are going along fine and we are ok, we tend to stay there. We all know that if we desire to change then, we will have to do stuff, learn new things change what we think and our habitual responses.

Or do we? Very few are trained and conditioned to accept this elementary fact of life, yet we see the evidence all around us. We know that if we want a new skill we have to change.

Becoming comfortable with discomfort is a precious skill to have as it allows you to achieve more from your life. This can range from becoming happier with your life, reducing your annoyances and frustrations.

Having a better quality of relationships to changing your body and becoming fitter and stronger. We all know that to have a stronger body we have, it put it under stress and work our muscles and heart.

We will have to devote time effort and money to have a stronger and fitter body more flexible, and along the way, we will get pulled muscles to feel like our hart will explode, get out of breath and have days of soreness and discomfort and pain while our muscles repair and grow.

Many accept that to change there body they will experience hours and days of pain and discomfort yet they do it. They also understand that they will have to change the way they eat, give up pleasures to train, forge relationships and develop a greater sense of self-awareness.

They will have to develop different habits, and attitudes add to the costs of physio, clothing, travel, vitamins and minerals, and it is a lot of commitment.

Those who choose to stay in there comfort zone and remain with what is familiar never get the body or pleasures they dream of. So how does this apply to your life?

It is a good idea to examine your life regularly and with a clear head look at where you are and notice any changes and improvement you need to make to have a lovely time. Our brains and mind and emotions can be worked the same way

If we keep doing the same stuff they will stay as they are. So to develop a better brain and mind, we need to work it. Place it under strain encourage it to grow change and adapt to the new stress it is under, and those resources will increase.

Anyone who has decided to improve their, for example, has noticed that after a few weeks they can remember more and can trust their memory to work well. Sure at first they will get confused, annoyed, frustrated but in a week or two, they can memorise a pack of cards.

Our emotions and other mental skills respond in the same way. We need to place them under some strain, and yes it may be uncomfortable for a while but if you stay in your comfort zone what will change.

There are emotional exercise and techniques you can learn that will allow you to change your habitual responses and emotional responses. Your emotional life will become more robust.

Fewer thing and people in life will trigger you, and you will grow awareness of your limitations and discover what you have to change to get what you think you want.

Stress and strain and times of discomfort are necessary for you to develop resilience and flexibility in your life and increase your chances of enjoyment.

Change is permanent it will always happen whether we like it or not, so becoming comfortable with change is a common sense thing to do. We will always come into contact with the unfamiliar so becoming ok with that seems to make sense.

Remaining in your comfort zones and failing to change and grow and develop new skill and abilities will keep you where you are, and very little will change.

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