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Relationship Problems.
Business Parents Friends Family or Lovers.

Relationships often cause us the most significant problems in our life. Usually, they are our biggest concerns especially when it comes to emotional pain and discomfort, misunderstanding and frustration. With our children, family, business partners, partners or lovers.

It does not have to be that way. We can all have more pleasant and meaningful relationships with the people we chose to be in our lives. That's the first thing to consider; we accept the relationships we have.

All relationships have a beginning middle and an end. Throughout life, they will all change as we or the others change, so a constant process of change is involved on both sides along with acceptance and understanding.

Sometimes we give sometimes we take, we compromise, and at other times we decide that the current relationship is not for us, part of being in a relationship is sometimes taking power and control. Knowing when to stop investing any more of your life.

We do sometimes have to be in charge and control the direction it will take this does mean that we may have to learn how to make difficult decisions for the good of others more often for the good of yourself, however, it is always for the good of the most critical person in your life. YOU.

It no longer is worth the time sometimes the money, and all inter-personal relationships to others will cost you your life. Often when we consider this fact that a relationship will use up the most precious thing you have, your life.

Then the idea that our life is worth considering and the relationships we choose to have must be reviewed and weighed, and this will only be done if you first understand the most valuable useful and vital relationship you will ever have is.

The Relationship You Have With Yourself.
For the moment consider that there will appear a link to an article on that soon, and it does mean letting go of many young and outdated subconscious programs that we all run, that every moment of our lives, control us.

Before we get on to what most people seem to desire, how to have good relationships with the people who we love, our children, lovers, partners or family, let's consider business relationships, for in our personal life we have much to learn from business.

Business relationships are often fascinating especially in how few problems they cause. How often they are set up to win and achieve the desired outcome.

In business or at least when deciding to set one up and look for partners and then all the infrastructure needed to run one. We may get all excited and plan and dream and fantasise about all the things it will get us. This is a good thing.

We then look for what we will need to achieve the chosen outcome. Emotions are turned off, and we do a process of Due diligence.

This means that we do a detailed analysis of the idea the business or relationship we are considering to find any possible potential problems with our partner before we sign anything and invest our life and money.

It also allows us to predict possible events that will happen or may happen and let us usually to put in place before they occur protection or insurance to minimise the adverse effects should they occur.

We can also decide that the costs are to hight if the worst should happen. The risks are just too much, and we then can find less risky ways of getting what we believe will make us happy.

Often in business, we find more straightforward ways to enjoy what we want. That's why you will often hear successfully people especially millionaires and billionaires say.

"If it flies, floats drive's or fornicates, you are always better off renting or leasing it."

Now, if you think relationships especially long-term ones are not a business, just notice how often difficulties in personal relationships end up involving layers, solicitors and judges. If they weren't legal when they started, they will end up that way.

So with this reality now pointed out to you. If you don't choose to consider this fact, look around and open your eyes, even your children can be taken away from you legally, and you thought they were your children.

Often this will involve us acquiring skills and abilities just in case. We may never need to use them. However, we still learn them we invest the time effort and money so that if we ever need it, we have it already in place.

Many problems that everyone experiences in personal relationships could be avoided or at least cut way down if we use due diligence right at the start of considering a new relationship.

You would be nuts or at least have some significant emotional and psychological glitches if you chose a partner in business who was oversensitive, had a lousy track record, who had any drug or alcohol problems.

There would be no way you would start a business relationship with anyone who did not accept responsibility and accountability for there actions. Who blamed others for how they feel or what they did.

Of course, this cant be done with family members you were born into that one. However, when you become an adult, you can start to change the diamantes of your family relationships. They knew you when you were a kid and unless they grow up a part of them will always see you as a child, that's natural.

However, part of them maintaining a good relationship with you is now realising that you are an adult and treating you so. That's part of the learning, and growing adults and parents must do.

If family members choose not to, then it is your responsibility to help them understand and if they won't. Move on that's your job. Part of the reality of life is one day they will. They will leave home or split up or die. Everyone does. So no relationship is permanent.

Family dynamics are often complex, and we have many things to learn and discover when in a family group, power plays are always going on. When you understand this and see the patterns, you stand a good chance of interacting with them in ways that benefit both.

The same can be said of our friends. Friendships like lovers are often something we drift into without though planning or Due diligence, ok for a bit of light relief but dangerous for the emotionally insecure or immature or thoughtless.

Often friends and lovers are only there because we have some emotional need or glitch that we need to fix. We may be lonely, or need love, or companionship or have never learnt to enjoy our own company and create the most fantastic fun times ourselves.

We mistakenly believe that others make us feel in certain ways, that's not the truth. We are all responsible for how we think, feel and choose to respond. In relationships we allow the other people to treat and behave towards us as they do, often we have played a large part in that than we care to admit too.

This is most likely not what you were expecting from this site. However, if you are currently having relationship problems in your life and would like to change that. There are things you can learn to do; there are changes you can make to improve the quality of the relationships you have in your life.

The benefit is you will improve the quality of your life and also the lives of those around you. Just a thought.

Many down the years have asked me how I decided to create personal relationships that not only benefit me, but also those I allow in my life.
The you tube video below may explain how it all began.

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