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A Personal Recommendation for

Duncan McColl

Self Hypnosis

CD's & MP3.

I first came across Duncan McColl and Pilgrim Tapes in 1991.
Duncan was recommended to me by a college and I started to use Duncan’s Pilgrim Tapes.

I have used Hypnosis Tapes/CD’s for many years , as did my x-wife and my children, but was unprepared for the effectiveness of Pilgrim Tapes or the depth of knowledge that Duncan bestows on the tapes. His wisdom is ageless and practical.

The Tapes/Cd’s are not just for X or Y, they are a source of practical wisdom and knowledge.
All of my clients are given Duncan’s tapes/CD’s why?
Well they are almost a general antibiotic.

Love Awareness, Ageless, Stress and Understanding Parents are the main ones.

Love Awareness teaches about love and relationships and has assisted hundreds of clients down the years to understand not only them selves but there partners as well, this tape has eased many a misunderstanding.

Ageless well the title says it all this Tape/CD is profound.

Most of my clients have a very high stress levels, some may be around 11 or 12.
This makes effective therapy difficult, as it can cloud the issues. The most dramatic result I have experienced was a stress 11 reduced to stress 3 in 3 weeks.

The gentleman had just come out of a 2 month coma and had lost his memory. he was back at work in three weeks.

Understanding Parents.
This allows us to resolve problems with our parents and remove parental neurosis, one of the greatest joys of this tape is the removal of imposing parental neurosis on our children.

Pilgrim Tapes /CD’s offers a range of healing Hypnosis Tapes and CD’S

Do I still use Duncan’s Pilgrim Tapes?
Yes I do and I recommend you use them.