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Help and Treatment for Fear of Public Speaking.

Most of us speak in public, in shops, at home in the office down the pub or in supermarkets, so this fear is a bit like the fear of flying, I have never known anyone who is really afraid of an aircraft flying safely, it is always something else and more often a combination of many things.

For the people who have a real fear of public speaking they don't usually speak to people they are shy introverted, withdrawn and typically suffer from a combination of social anxieties.

So what most people think of as a
fear of public speaking is usually very specific, a presentation at work in front of colleagues, the management or for a client.

Giving a speech at a wedding as the father of the bride or best man. Being nervous about going on stage. So it is only in certain situations that this happens, the rest of the time they are okay talking in public.

The effects can be very dynamic, all the
stress and panic responses come in to play, and of course, many people can wind themselves up days, weeks or months before the presentation happens.

Spending weeks in worry, fear anxiety and the event have not even taken place. That is why it is irrational. Using hypnosis, NLP and EFT we can quickly help you to overcome this problem as it is made up of fear and
internal dialogue.

Once you understand this, it is evident that all you have to do to get rid of this fear is change your old habits around this anxiety. It is possible to learn how to stop doing this to yourself, and learn how to become a different person, once this is done you will open up your life to a whole range of future possibilities.

Just imagine how much better you will feel if instead of working yourself up days or weeks before the event, you felt OK about it, look at the number of negative thoughts and feeling you would remove. How much happier you would feel.

When you decide to do something about this problem and get help and treatment your old patterns of feeling helpless disappear. Instead of being a
victim of your own mind you will begin to develop active responsibility for your life.

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