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Problems Getting to Sleep and Insomnia
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Problems getting to sleep.
Many have difficulty in
getting to sleep at night, or even during the day if you do shift work and if we take pain out of the equation it usually boils down to a few simple things.

Before we move on if you are suffering from
insomnia and sleep related problems associated with pain, your first port of call must be your own doctor. If you have watched the recent BBC horizon programme on pain, you will know that scientists have shown that our experience of pain is subjective, our emotions especially anxiety and worry will increase the amount of pain we experience.

Your doctor may be able to help you especially if your problem is medical, and will also let you know that
stress will often effect your pain threshold and reducing the amount of stress and anxiety you feel will often allow you to fall asleep easily. Stress is a big thing in falling asleep and having a great night of refreshment.

On the internet you will get some great advice on how to make things easer for you and much is of use, however what they are all attempting to do without telling you is to get your mind and brain to slow down so that you
avoid keeping your self awake and allow you to go into a state that will allow you to drift off.

Keeping yourself awake at night. Lots of people who have sleep glitches are keeping themselves awake by using some very simple yet powerful negative hypnosis because no one has explained a few simple things to them about how our brains work and how to use them in a more effective manor.

The self hypnosis mp3 recordings that we sell are very effective way to allow yourself to sleep better, and you have already seen the link, you having the personal control and power long term, is a far better solution but if you need to drift off tonight or want to begin to learn how to be more in control, get yourself a copy.

For the last year or so, I have been playing with sleep, and
dreams and some interesting subconscious programming this was after a self induced back injury that caused me much agony for a while until I took active responsibility for my own healing, then things got better.

Along the way I discovered some really interesting things about going to sleep and how to do it quickly, I even discovered how to do it when you are not tired and your brain does not want to do it. How to programme your
dreams and how to be woken up, get cold, put on bright lights, and went you go back to bed fall asleep easily.

I live with an old cat who sometimes forgets he has food so goes through stages when he will kick my bedroom door until I get up and ether show him he has food or give him more. When he goes through these phases he can
wake me up three or four times a night.

So knowing how to do this may be helpful, if you have kids that wake you up often, or
elderly relatives, noisy neighbours or a partner who wakes you up a lot and you have difficulty getting back to sleep.

Over the next few days I will be putting up pages explaining a bit more about the subjects discussed above, and how I did it, so come back and enjoy.

They all involve you taking
responsibility for falling asleep and learning a few simple techniques, practising until you can do it when needed, and some explanations of what happens.

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