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Precision Therapy
Warwickshire UK

Precision Therapy was created by a UK hypnotherapist Duncan McColl after a lifetime of study and developing skills in the real world.
He was very selective in clients and those who he passed on the techniques to developing a tight network of people who had proven there skills and knowledge to him. The number of trainers in this therapy are few and are scattered around the world.

He spent his time helping the more difficult and unusual cases that he came across and many of his discoveries have been implemented into the more advanced schools of hypnosis. He developed a range of superior self-hypnosis healing MP3 downloads from this site. This was due to being unable to see all the people who wanted therapy from him.

These recordings are based on his attitude and techniques are unlike the standard recording's available to the public. Precision Therapy is available in Leamington Spa Warwickshire UK from Real Smart Hypnosis.

Some words from Duncan McColl.
Precision Therapy is a compilation of many well-known and effective techniques augmented by healing processes that have evolved relatively naturally over a period of many years in meeting the need to provide a fast and effective healing and life-enhancing service for clients, many of them therapists doctors and nurses...all of them with severe or uncommon problems.

Clients, in brief, who lacked the time, the need and the tolerance for indulging in protracted mind games.

The aim of PT is focused on stimulating the abrupt shift in personal awareness that creates a ‘spontaneous remission’ and on achieving this aim preferably in one session.

The theme can be used to augment and not necessarily to replace any other discipline.

PT has been successfully conveyed to experienced hypnoanalysts on a highly selective and individual basis and only to professionals who recognised that effective therapy, including Precision Therapy, must be subjected to continuous reviews and improvement.

It also recognises that this requires in the therapist, an unusually high degree of self-understanding, flexibility, dedication and integrity.

You can buy his recordings by clicking this.

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