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Conditioning Programming and Indoctrination.

Past conditioning and indoctrination from Parents, educational, social, religious, governmental and our selves.

Old Programs. Many of us are walking around with our subconscious mind full of old unhelpful programs that are not only useless and outdated many are actually harmful to our lives and happiness.

That is a natural part of growing up and learning how to operate in this world. We learn at an early age through osmosis by being in a family we do what they do to be like them and to survive. That is why if your parents or carers spoke English you do as well. If they walked upright, you did the same.

All without a conscious mind or critical thinking. Mother nature programmed this into you. If you were like them, then they would look after you and feed you, and house you. They became the Writing's on the Walls.

Parental conditioning and indoctrination.
However, along the way you also had many other things inserted. You would have taken on the
habits, behaviours and opinions of your little tribe so that you fitted in and knew how to operate in this system. This includes many useful and essential lessons and many that are not.

You watched and tested patterns of behaviour and discovered if they worked. If mummy nagged daddy and got what she wanted then this may have been considered as a useful survival program, so the young child learns to nag males to get what she desires. If a young boy sees daddy powerless in a situation, he will likely learn to be the same.

If a young child sees the adults getting attention when they are upset or over emotional, then this can set up a pattern later in life for mental problems involving
secondary gain and can lead to problems later in life where illness is used to gain attention.

Anyone who is an authority figure in the child's life and plays some part in its continued survival will have input on programming it. This of course also includes beliefs around religion, school and social interactions and these confusions may lead in some cases to unconscious incongruence and

At a later time as you tested boundaries and discovered the rules, you adapted and changed. Parts of your
unconscious mind let go of specific patterns, and new more useful ones grew. Then at a certain age, you would have bred, and the cycle goes on.

Remember that all this took place without a rational conscious mind and without the ability to rationalise and reason. The child was young with little knowledge of the world looking to the adults to show it how to survive.

If it reached adulthood, then the programs worked and unless we can find a good reason for growth and personal change they will remain as they have been useful. The problem is these old patterns were designed for a child and taken on board with a child's mind.

Just imagine what will happen if the parents have programmed there own fears and views of the world into the kid and of course they will have. Many of us hold different views and opinions from our parents, and these have usually been based on a conscious decision we made. But. A few do still get through, and we run our lives as if they are correct. Even if they are not.

How often have you noticed the same parental neurosis or personality disorder in families not to mention
fears and phobias? These were loaded into you, or you saw them in the people who your survival depended on.It is not just parents that do this.

Educational conditioning and indoctrination.
We do need to learn many things that will be useful later on in life and education usually taught us many fantastic facts that we can use as adults. However, when children are educated, they are trained as children.

Many facts are taught as simply as possible for them to get a grasp. Later we can update and refine the education as they become more skilful. Sometimes things do get missed.

Just take reading. At first, we are taught to speak the works out loud. As we become better at it, we just read. However, hundreds of adults I have asked admit that when they read as adults. They still speak in their heads. So they are again reading as children. That never got updated. This is often why adults learn slowly or choose not to read at all.

Much educational past conditioning and indoctrination can hurt us as adults. In the real world, things are sometimes very different from school life. As the new trend in snowflakes is discovering.

We are rewarded when we gave the correct answers and punished when we don't. Later in life, this can lead to a fear of making any mistakes and staying in
small comfort zones. Yet in the real world, we learn by mistakes and messing up.

We are taught things are black and white, and there are correct facts, of course, we are rarely taught that what we are taught is very selective and much of the information is out of date. History is written by the victors not always factual. However, we also have to condition them to behave in specific ways to make it easier for the adults teaching them.

Religious conditioning and indoctrination.
This falls in line with all the others and has become linked to educational matters. Today we have schools that teach religious conditioning along with education, very smart if you want to condition adults for the future.

Religion has always been used by those in power to control a population. It is a great way to get people to think or more commonly, not to think and feel a certain way and a great way to install mental and emotional filters and to unite against a common cause.

It is amusing to note in many adults of intelligence and intellect who may be very skilled and competent in most of there lives. That when asked about any religious beliefs they have. They almost revert to being a child and many of the things they say, just don't stack or make any
logical or ration sense. A child may believe the things they say but an adult?

Governmental conditioning and indoctrination.
Government have always had good reasons to programme individuals to think to feel and behave in specific ways. It can unite a country give national identity and pride, and this will be used as far as possible by leaders.

People like to be lead and pass on the
responsibility to others just as children do. Also, they understand that if you give simple answers to complex questions, most people will just blank over because it is more comfortable.
Many of the techniques for governments to govern are sown early in our life.

Education is one of the ways and training people at an early age to think and feel in specific ways, even if is not beneficial to the individual will be of great benefit to future governments. Education is an excellent tool for this.

Get most of the population to reach a certain standard knowing most will become employed and you have in a few years, millions of people who each month will give you fifty per cent or so of there income for forty years of there working lives.

It also helps if you encourage most not to think to deeply and tell them that you will protect them from harm so that they pass on the responsibility to others.

Self-passed conditioning and indoctrination.
All through our lives, we take on board habits, behaviours, beliefs and opinions and assumptions about yourself and the world. When young these are borrowed from others not our own. Not what we have decided for ourselves.

However, at certain times, our reality checker turns on, and we discover that many of these are outdated and no longer beneficial to us. Then develop new ones. Now depending on the stage of life, we have reached these will be based on us at the time.

A teenager will make different life choices than a twenty-year-old, just as a forty-year-old will differ in opinion from a sixty-year-old. This is one of the reasons it pays well at certain times in our life to find out how we are running our lives. We need to know ourselves and why we do what we do.

If we don't, we may well discover that a belief that we chose when we were twenty is rubbish. The world does not work that way, or the decision was made through lack of knowledge and life skills. It is also possible that the belief or assumption was wrong.

If you just look at the thousands of times in your life that you were wrong or got it wrong you can see we all are not very good at the decisions we make. Or deciding what will make us happy and contented.

Just look at the number of arguments people have, how many unhappy
relationships there re and you will see we are not very good at our decisions as many of them are driven by past conditioning. It's called being human.

Hypnosis, NLP, EFT and stoic techniques are all ways to overcome emotion or psychological pain and discomfort and
reduce the stress and problems in our lives.

Often these are caused by old outdated programs or conditioning that are not useful to us now and just like on your computer you have to remove old programs that are creating a conflict. Update to the newest version for better performance and security. Maybe time for you to update?
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