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Phobias are not that difficult to get rid of, many years ago Dr Richard Bandler developed fast ways to do this. He put an ad in his local paper asking for people to get in touch with him if they had ever had a phobic response and got rid of it.

Many people replied and as he is a master hypnotist and NLP master he just found out how they did it, what they did in there minds to create the phobia. They were, after all, causing this highly emotional reaction themselves.

When he discovered what they were doing to create the situation he could show and teach them how to stop it. He could also programme their subconscious mind to behave differently

A phobia is an irrational, illogical, childish response to something. A true phobia fire's off instantly as it has become a conditioned response that has gone on
auto-pilot and deep into your subconscious mind and becomes a habit.

"sweating with fear", "paralysed with fear", "butterflies in the stomach" etc. are not phobias.

There is a big difference between
anxiety, worry or something you are frightened off and curing anxiety or fear involves a different treatment than for curing a phobia, And they are removed daily.

A good definition of a phobia is "a fear of fear."
You were only born with two fears of falling and loud noises Every other fear you learnt. So you can unlearn them.

So one of the first things we will discover is anxiety or phobia?
If it is a phobia, then NLP is the fastest way to be rid of them. Did you know one in nine people have a phobia of some sort - And one in twenty people have panic attacks at some stage in their lives?

Some common Phobias.
• Achluophobia – Fear of being in darkness
• Acrophobia – Fear of heights
• Agoraphobia – Fear of open spaces or fear of leaving home
• Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders
Aviophobia – Fear of flying
• Claustrophobia – Fear of being in closed spaces
• Demophobia – Fear of being in crowded places
• Mysophobia – Fear of germs or dirt
• Xenophobia – Fear of strangers

Other common phobias are:
Fear of
Public Speaking, Dentists, Needles, Blood, Water, Bridges, Insects, Animals and Public Restrooms.

It does not matter how bright you are or what your
IQ is, it is not the part of your mind that you think with that controls and makes up the biggest part of you. Your subconscious mind is the controller of your habits, desires, fears and anxieties. Not your conscious mind

Now you have the opportunity to be in control of your own brain, thoughts, feelings and how you chose to experience your reality. Using hypnosis, hypnotherapy NLP and EFT.

Your brain controls you, your whole life and this amazing part are in some ways no more than a sizeable biological computer. It has programs, and sometimes you get a glitch, maybe a conflict with some other program. It can be a program you installed or one you
allowed someone else to install for you.

When you were young,
many programs were installed by your carers, most vital for your survival, some not so good. As you matured, your brain has a way of dropping programs that are no longer approbate you your development. As you grow you automatically change your habits and beliefs for more useful ones.

Sometimes this gets stuck. You have a glitch. Or conflict in your operating system. Then you just have to remove inappropriate programs, that were good and useful at some part of your life, but now are no longer serving you.

You have experienced this on your own computer you install a new version of windows, and there is a conflict with the old operating system. And then you have to go in and fix it. Or get someone else to fix it for you.

Those of you who have seen Paul McKenna's new TV show “I can change your life” are aware of how effective the process can be.

Paul McKenna is one of the people who trained me so you can experience the same fast, powerful and practical techniques to remove the glitches in your internal programs or system conflicts. remove your fears, anxieties, panic, worry.

Just look at the number of help files you get built into a computer today. And then there are books and manuals for each program.
How many operator manuals do you have for your own brain, and how many of them have you read and understood?

One of your problems is that you do not know ... YET how you use your own brain.How to direct and control your emotions.
The voices in your head. The movies you watch over and over again. How to feel what you choose.

Well, that is where I come in someone who has read the manuals understands them and has the skill and ability to fix your computer for you, and then show you what to do to keep it serving you.

Just as you need to dump files on your computer and remove old programs, the same happens with us. The system needs a cleanup. Sometimes it also needs a bigger hard drive or memory.

We also get something similar to a computer virus. We do have a virus scanner, and my clients learn how to install and run this, along with a defrag system.

Hypnosis Hypnotherapy and NLP gives us the tools to sort out your glitch. To fix your internal conflict on your operating systems, This allows you to remove subconscious conflicts and experience a better quality of life. Greater Joy, Happiness,
Self Confidence, Less Stress and Higher Self Esteem.

And if you have kids. You will stop programming them with your fears, anxieties, panic and worries. So you will be able also to help your children's children. Unless of course, you have something to gain by
keeping your problem.

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