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Self-hypnosis has been around since the dawn of time, we all use it every day. What you tell your self-becomes your reality. Traditionally you would go along to a hypnotist, and they would get you to relax and talk to you for about an hour, and you would fall asleep, sort of. About a third of the time depending on the skill and experience of the hypnotist you would get a good result.

A bit hit and miss, and of course without explaining and teaching the client many other things they would go home and undo all your good work. An old friend and teacher of mine realised this about thirty years ago, he was a brilliant hypnotist and wanted to find a way of helping all the people who he could not personally see.

He created a series of self-hypnosis recordings that are still years ahead of most. Pilgrim Recordings, Duncan McColl spent a great deal of time scripting these recordings to make sure every word was beneficial, some of them took over three months of tweaking and testing and feedback before they were released to the public.

I have used these recordings for over twenty years with my own clients and personally gained a lot from them, I recommend them to anyone who desires change.

Duncan McColl also stumbled across a handy tool for personal change, subliminal.
These are on all his recordings, in fact, some can be bought just as subliminal or whisper subs. If you want to find out more about these click on the link above.

Duncan McColl’s Pilgrim Recordings are an amazingly cost-effective way of learning your own hypnosis, changing your life and just feel better. These days many can’t afford the hundred odd pounds that even a half decent hypnotist will charge you for our time. The recession has hit hard we all need to spend our money where we get the most significant return, these mp3’s will help you get good returns.

One of the significant advantages is that you can use them every day, so in effect, you are having a session every day with one of the worlds best hypnotists, that’s defiantly going to help. Along the way, you will also learn that you can have far more control over your life than you ever thought possible.

You will learn to relax, change your state and generally feel happier. All the recordings are designed to help you to determine how to reduce your stress levels, and they are very easy to use.

Once or twice a week set aside time to consciously listen to them, the rest of the time put them on when in bed so that you can fall asleep to them, you can find out more about using them here.

If you would like to listen to a short extract from one of Duncan’s recordings.

The current most popular recordings are below and are £15 each.

Duncan’s first recording, where it all began. After all these years still one of the most enlightening and beneficial.

Reduce Your Stress.
Stress is a big thing these days, in truth it always has been. However many don’t understand that some pressure is vital to a healthy lifestyle. The stress response, how things affect us, what we allow to influence our emotions is our choice. This mp3 is designed to enable you to become aware of this and at the same time reduce the effects of stress in your life.

Reduce Your Fears and Anxiety.
Fear, anxiety and worry are all self-induced negative responses. You can learn to change these.

Love Awareness.
One of the most useful recordings ever. Our understanding of love and friendship is fatally floored. When we look at our own lives often the most painful emotions we experience are related to love and the emotional relationships we have with others.This recording is poky, it will get you thinking and feeling different.

Understanding Parents.
Not just designed to help you remove problems with your parents and the difficulties of being a parent, which it does very well. This mp3 will also begin to allow you to realise the extent to which you have been or allowed yourself to be conditioned by your parents, society, education and religious beliefs.

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