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Reduce and Control your Stress and Stresses
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Stress and stresses are an ever-present problem in our modern life, and the evidence is growing that many health issues and illness both physical, mental and emotional are caused by this emotional problem that we allow. In one way or another, it has been linked to all the leading causes of death and relationship problems.

Do you feel?
• Tired and run down
• Like your head is going to explode
• Suffer from a headache or migraines
• Can't seem to get motivated
• Takes longer to recover from illness
• People annoy you all the time
• Anger outbursts
• Road Rage
• Inpatient and edgy
• Sexual problems

All this and more can be the result of anxieties and stresses in your life. Yet apart from very few things did you realise that you and you alone cause your pressures, no one else?

That's the really cool part most of what you believe to be stress, you cause yourself. That means you can learn to stop doing it. Usually, it is your response to a situation that causes all those bad feelings.

Other people do not think, or believe, or behave as you want them to.
You have concerns that you have not dealt with, you know you should.
Unreal expectations of others and the world.
Childish responses.
Magical thinking.

Of course, you can change all these, so you have far less stress in your life.
On my EFT site, I have an article on removing over a thousand stresses, annoyances and frustrations a year. You can learn to do the same.

Research has shown for some time the vital part that emotional upsets play in cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal, skin, psychological disorders, immune system disturbances, ranging from the common cold and herpes to arthritis, accidents, cirrhosis, suicide and even cancer.

If you are serious about living longer and in more significant health and happiness, then it is up to you to learn how to handle your emotional responses. No one else can do it for you.

Imagine now a time in your future when you have learnt and practised the skills I will teach you so that you will be able to be less stressed and happier in your life. One of my clients describes it like this.

“I now glide through my life, just as you said I would” Karen in Warwick.

Just think how much better you and those around you will feel and what amazing things will you be able to do when you have changed?

This may explain why clients who have Hypnotherapy Hypnosis and NLP often find that symptoms are significantly reduced. You sleep better, and things just seem not to bother you as much. You are able to be more effective in your world.

There is also a physiological reason why when you get stressed your immune system shuts down to allow you to fight, Your
immune system takes a lot of energy to run, so in flight or fight situations it shuts down.

So you have more energy to attack or defend your self. just imagine what happens if it does not turn back on because you are always stressed.

Hypnotherapy Self Hypnosis and NLP are excellent ways to inoculate yourself against your stress and to train your
subconscious mind in more effective ways of responding to external events.

Did you notice that I have said inoculate against stress? Why was that? Well, one of the problems of stress management and coping skills related to stresses is that you have to feel the stress before you can get rid of it. I will teach you these things as a backup, however far better to never touch the problem in the first place and part of your learning will be to do this.

Up until now, you have been on
autopilot lets get you off that and into a more creative way of being. You will learn to come off auto-pilot responses.

Hypnotherapy and Self Hypnosis.
Your subconscious mind can not tell the difference between what is real and what you have imagined. That is why you can be making a cup of coffee and having an argument with
someone in your mind and feel angry, they are not even there with you.

This is no different from being on stage with a stage hypnotist and dancing with a mop.
So we use the very same process and a few others to allow you to be in control, you already know how powerful your own mind is at causing stresses in your life. It will be just as influential in creating peace and happiness when you learn how to do it.

Your mind creates the stress so your brain can remove it.
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