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Not always easy but effective.

We are often told that "EFT" is easy, simple and effective and for many things, issues and personal glitches it is, thousands of people all over the world have had surprising results using this system, this may lead to a problem in its self. Some people want the results without the effort.

We all want things fast easy and effective. However, the reality of life is that we can't always have it that way. Sometimes, in fact for anything that is truly great or worthwhile we have to put in a lot of learning, practice, calibration and effort emotional freedom techniques can make thing a lot easier. However, you will still have to "do the drills".

Let's take a look at losing weight or changing your body, whatever that means to you. This involves a lot more than just going to the gym a few times a week. If you want the changes to be long-lasting or permeant.

If you want it to become an unconscious habit so that eventually you do not have to spend to much time thinking about it.

A few people don't have to do what I outline below, it just comes naturally to them. However, most of us are not built that way, we have to put in a lot of time, money, effort and "calibration" to achieve our goals and often change them along the way.

You will along the way learn, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, vitamins and minerals, food types, about fats and calories and may even have to learn how to cook, and pay more money for healthy food.

You will learn the difference between "aerobic" "anaerobic" and "cardio". You will also along the way learn and practice stretching, warm ups and warm downs. To avoid injury. You will spend thousands of pounds on books, memberships and magazines on health, nutrition and exercise and spend hundreds of hours on the internet researching "stuff".

You may change gyms a few times and may even discover new pleasures, you may start with aerobics and find a love for weight lifting or running. Your goals will change, you started just wanting to lose a stone, and now, you want to see your abs. You just started walking around the block, you now want to do a marathon.

You bought a cheap bike and now enjoy, riding a hundred miles a week, so now you need a better bike. Just for fun.

You may lose friends and find new ones, why? Well having a night in with a few friends and having a few beers and a couple of bottles of wine, and a pizza. So why might you "loose friends as you lose weight"? Well, that used to be fun, but now you are thinking that an extra thousand calories I will have to burn off, I'd rather go for a nice bike ride, do a yoga session or have a great salad and "
truly relax", as opposed to just dropping to a lower level of tension.

As you begin to co-create your new body, and that, of course, will mean "changing your lifestyle", some people are no longer fun to be around, and you will discover that some people you no longer see. The new friends you make, who may well ask you to go for a run, or ride or walk or ask you do you fancy trying out a new yoga class, are more fun, and far less detrimental.

They will have a different mindset, your old friends bitched, and wined and were "emotional victims to themselves" saying lots of "I can't" "I'll try" "I wish" "I just want it to" "I want you, to just take it away for me" These new friends, when you say these things have "different replies". This is something you will learn to enjoy.

So you may well have a whole new set of emotional and mental skills to learn. Self-motivation, self-control, self-discipline, overcoming your
old habits, beliefs, opinions, overcoming your psychological addictions that in the past limited you, and allowed you to create the old body. Emotional Freedom Therapy along the way will help you to do all this.

Learning how to install the new habits, beliefs opinions and lifestyle choices that will make it easier for you, to become what you choose, is another skill that is vital to learn.

You will have to learn how to handle disappointment, how to deal with setbacks, injuries pulled muscles and pain. Along with this you will also grow in your
self-understanding and make a lot of profound personal insights.

Can you begin to see that making significant changes in your life is easy if you are prepared to learn the stuff and do what is necessary. If you go in with your eyes open, then you are able to make the required changes to make it happen. But.

Many will read the above and hypnotise themselves into believing it is too hard and not worth it. "Secondary Gain" may rear its ugly head and keep you as you are. Emotional freedom therapy along with understanding "self-hypnosis" and having a "few powerful NLP techniques mastered", will allow you to make changes faster.

Instantly? Not often. Over time? Yes. Many people have problems in achieving the goals and outcomes they have chosen because, they "want things easy and with no effort", life just does always work that way.

If your goal or outcome is essential to you. You will also have to spend some time working through it and discovering what is necessary to reach and live it, to make it a part of your everyday living reality.

You can start to learn "how to set up your goals" and the "calibration" skills you will need along the way, this will increase your chances of success a thousand per cent.

There is often more to reaching your goals, EFT can help you in doing this, as often when we set up the outcomes we want, we get some new emotions to come up. These will have to be sorted if you really want to succeed.

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