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A Consultation For Help, advice or information.

When you have to change and remove a problem and have considered using hypnosis or hypnotherapy to do this, it begins with a private consultation with me. This will cost you £20 in cash, or you can use PayPall to pay.
Allow up to an hour and a half with me.

This gives us the opportunity to meet and decide if we can work together and allows you the chance to ask as many questions as you desire. We go through what I can and can't do and what part of the deal is down to you.

So that you are fully informed as to what will be required for you to get the results you desire.

Learning how hypnosis and
self-hypnosis works is a beneficial way to do this.

You want things to change in your life, and that will require you to change and do things differently.

This can be a big wake up call if, up until now you thought all you had to do was go to sleep for an hour, wake up, and all your problems had disappeared.

If your current belief systems support this view, I can sell you bags of magic beans or magic wands. Some say “they work well.”

In reality, we all have to change to change. We all have to be responsible for our states and emotions, no one else can do this for us.

Our time together also gives me the opportunity to demonstrate just how powerful and effective these techniques are and go through some of the common misconceptions surrounding our work as hypnotists. So that you can make the right decision for yourself.

Call today 01926 332935 and book your consultation and let us get you started on your way to overcoming your current difficulty.

I monitor incoming calls due to the number of cold calls we all receive these days.

If I am available, I will answer, if not leave your name, contact number and a convenient time for you, when I may return your call.

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