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How Hypnosis Really Works. Part 1.

Many people want to find out how hypnosis and self-hypnotic techniques work and are curious about this fantastic tool. There are millions of websites on the internet and thousands of books in print that will give you an idea as to how it works. However, very few will provide you with what really happens and guide you to the skills that you can acquire.

Nearly all of them will tell you that it is easy and in fact, it is when you have the correct attitude, and you have a few of the secrets that it is not generally known about even by the medically qualified and hypnotherapists who have been practising this secret knowledge for many years.

The secret is actually hidden in plain view which is why it is so often missed. Recently one of my clients on discovering just this said to me?
Can it be that easy?.

It was yet to reach this viewpoint he had been through two sessions with me. “You told me this at the consultation, and that’s OK.”

So how does hypnosis and self-suggestion work? And what are the secrets? Well, the fantastic secrets will come later, for now, let's look at how hypnosis is generally explained.

Usually, you will be told that it is a very relaxed state, you are in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and breathing gently and more profound than usual. Feeling very calm relaxed and at ease.

The hypnotist will be speaking gently, and your awareness will be focused on whatever he is saying you are in a calm relaxed and focused state and your subconscious mind is very receptive to suggestions, and your conscious mind has slowed down a wonderful feeling to be in.

One that with practice you can create in yourself any time you choose defiantly this state is worth the cost of a session if it is all you ever learn.

You are aware of what is being said to you and feeling very calm, you may even feel asleep yet awake at the same time. This is how many people view hypnosis and working with a therapist or even how they do there own self-hypnosis in alpha brain waves and very suggestible.

This view is a part of the truth and is taught to clients and used in therapy every day, partly because it is what the client believes will happen so as Hypnotherapists we might as well work within our client's belief systems, well at least for a while.

This approach has the benefits of using the client's current belief systems.
Allows them to become relaxed something they may not have felt for a long time.
As there breathing rate will change, they will feel better. By the way, I often giggle when I ask someone to take a deep breath.
Maybe do it now and notice what you do.

If you raised your shoulders and expanded your upper chest. That is not a deep breath.

Part two How you use hypnosis in the real world will continue to explain hypnosis and how it really works.

Part two How you use hypnosis in the real world will continue to explain hypnosis and how it really works

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