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Common Problems Helped
with Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Common Sense,
EFT and NLP.
Warwickshire UK.

Talking to Yourself.
Internal Dialogue.

Help with premature ejaculation.

Personal Responsibility.

Blame and blaming other people or events for your current situation

Being a victim.

Self Esteem.

Fear of Flying.

Gradings and Nerves.

Better Grades.

Past Life Regression.

Past Life Therapy.

Sports Hypnosis.

Bulimia and Eating Disorders.

Anxiety Relief.

Social Anxiety or Phobia


Fear of Success.

Stuttering and Stammering.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS
Christmas Stress and Problems.
Obsession and Compulsion.
Christmas Loneliness and Depression.
Relationship Break up. Breakups Being Dumped.

Help with Vomiting Fear Emetophobia.
Help with Revenge.
Bored in Bed.
Divorce and Separation Help.
Improve Your Concentration and Memory.
Betrayal Betrayed and Lied To.
Insomnia Help.
Fear of Failure.
Computers Fear.
Kids Hypnosis.
Child Hypnosis.
Past Lives.
Improving Sports and Athletic Performance.
Gradings Martial Arts.
Retail Therapy.
Test Taking.
Hair Loss.

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