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Many people believe that they know what hypnosis and hypnotherapy are, they have seen the shows on television and stage hypnotists and all the films, the trouble is that what you see on TV and in the movies.

We often fail to remember that TV shows and films are not real life. Fights do not happen as the movies have us believe, love is not like we see on TV.

The definition of hypnosis being a relaxed state with focused awareness went out years ago and is still used by junior schools of hypnosis.

It is still used as many people expect this and if this is so, it does make the hypnotherapists job easier. It fits in with the client's belief systems, so it does get good results.

So let’s clear up some misunderstandings.

Stage Hypnosis.
People go along to the show expecting to see people hypnotised or to join in themselves, there is an expectation and desire to be amused and entertained. They have bought into the experience.

The people who volunteer to go up on stage want to be there in front of everyone and be part of the show. They want it to happen to expect it to happen and for most of them, it does happen. All good fun and everybody is fully participating.

Traditional Hypnotic Trance.
Sitting in a chair or lying down
profoundly relaxed and with the hypnotist speaking slowly and giving you suggestions. Using suggestion therapy telling you what you are going to experience and what will happen.

This is how most people think hypnosis happens and it does work. You are advised to “sleep” so people do, but not the form of sleep they are used to.

Many people still work in this way, and it is often used to make powerful changes in someone's life. Hypnotherapy is a beneficial way to change your beliefs and habits and begins to reprogram your control level of mind your

Many of these older schools of hypnosis are beautiful and work very well the trouble is they can be slow taking many sessions to fix the problem and give the client no tools or understanding of there own minds and how to achieve the most beautiful control and pleasures in there lives.

Modern Techniques of Therapy.
We now know more about how the human mind and hypnosis works than ever before, the latest research into how our brains work have to lead to faster and more powerful ways to help our clients.

These days we use more conscious hypnosis and NLP to get fast results with the people who come to us for help. Most people only see me two or three times, and the problem is gone.

NLP is part of hypnotic techniques, and many neuro-linguistic programmers have far more skill in making changes that traditional hypnotists.

The use of hypnosis while you think you are
wide awake is a way to allow clients to make changes quickly, it really does seem that hypnosis is how we move through the world and we are doing it while our eyes are open and we think we are in control.

Often we will use this method of therapy and change work as it allows the client to use hypnosis in their everyday life and not just while being relaxed and with there eyes closed. You need this to work in real life.

If you clicked on the message above, then you now realise that what you thought hypnosis was, is not true. Well, not the whole truth.

Conscious self-hypnosis allows you to have more control in your life and part of modern hypnotic techniques is to teach the client how to avoid causing further problems in there life by showing you how to use your own brain and avert negative self-hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis.
Your subconscious mind that part of you that controls everything you think and feel, that has no off switch so monitors everything you say to yourself. Is being daily affected by what you say to your self. You are always reprogramming yourself and reinforcing the very habits that you want to remove.

So you learn how to do this, and your problems will go and not return.

So what is hypnosis and mind training really used for?

Yes, it is used for weight loss, smoking, fears, phobias, anxiety, worry, grief, guilt and a considerable number of problems that people experience and is more successful at doing this than you might believe.

It is also used for.
Creating your everyday living reality. The way you want it.
Creating wonderful, powerful new feelings and experiences in your life.

Improving your health, fitness, stamina and enjoyment you have.

Improving the quality of your relationships with yourself, your business partners, your family and your sexual partner.

Allowing you to generate new habits, opinions and lifestyle that fully support the way you chose to live. A skilled Hypnotherapist is trained to teach clients how to access and use these states to bring about your desired change.

In more advanced Hypnosis you are taught to manufacture states that you have never before experienced. Building new feelings that have never before existed in your body.

Seems magical ..... Yet you do a very similar thing when you hypnotise yourself to create feelings in your body of something you have never experienced that may or may not take place in your future and feel bad.

How you think and feel on a regular basis will change and affect your life. We are primarily creatures of
habit. And creating beautiful habits creates a delightful experience.

Have you chosen which habits will get you the life and experiences you want?

If not you will continue to behave as you have been in the past, and you will get the same results from the same behaviour. So let's change your old behaviour into something that increases the passion and joy and fun in your life.

As an exceptional hypnotist I will use my hypnotic skills to allow you to experience the most beautiful changes in your life, and as you practice and develop your own abilities, you will get the results you want in your life.

It's not rocket science - Unless you change how you are -You will get the same results. So choose how successful you are going to be and call me.

I have been in successful private practice as a hypnotist since 1991, and am based in Leamington Spa Warwickshire UK, which is in the Midlands. This is not to boast, just to let you know that I have the experience and skills necessary to help you remove the problems in your life or in the presence of someone you care about.

We have hundreds of new therapists being turned out every year with no experience of therapy in the real world many are very young with no life experience. I am not one of them.

I have helped thousands of people with your problem so you will not be my first, I use a combination of my skills in hypnosis, self-hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming NLP and emotional freedom therapy EFT.

You will also get a glimpse into the efficient use of stoic attitudes to life and manipulate your life experiences. Stoicism allows use to take conscious hypnosis to a far higher level.

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