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How Long Will I Have To Practice?

This is something most clients ask me at some point, and it can be difficult to give an exact figure, it often depends on so many things. I get all my clients to do homework each day this involves doing eft drills, even if things are going and for a while sleeping and using a compelling self-hypnosis recording along with some other stuff.

This is to get them to understand the power of active
responsibility in changing and also builds some tremendous new habits in their life. Yet they all at some point ask for how long they will have to do this, as far as the recordings go, the answer is simple as long as you need to, with the EFT and the other drills I give them it depends.

As far as exercising and mastering your mind, for the rest of your life. If you want to become exquisite.

Learning how to grow your life is an ongoing process, many of what appear to be life's great problems can be solved elegantly, things like stress, anxiety, worry, fear and how to be happy these are not difficult to master and eventually you will go on to positive auto-pilot.

It will become habits so that your natural state is something entirely different and you will make being stress-free and happy something that you no longer have to work at.

In today's world of a quick fix, most people want things fast, and that is OK because many things we can do quickly, however some things you will have to do for a long time, how long?

I usually ask people if they have ever eaten, brushed their teeth or shower if they have a computer I ask how often they need to upgrade it or download updates. Do you have a car that you have ever filled with fuel, how often have you required to put some more in,

They begin to get the idea, some things you will have to do forever, well at least as long as you want the result. Somethings will take longer, like losing weight, you did not wake up one morning four stone overweight did you? So you are not going to lose it overnight and with no input on your part.

If you are intelligent you realise that what you put in your mouth for the rest of your life will affect your weight, you understand that you will have to change your lifestyle choices and habits so that you find exercise, that you enjoy doing on a regular basis so that your body continues to become stronger and flexible.

There is a price to pay for everything and becoming aware of the price allows you to decide if it is worth it to you. So how long will you have to practice and master controlling your own life? I guess the honest answer is as long as you want to have control and power and get the results you want.

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