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Health and Hypnosis.

Being Healthy.
You would think that everyone would want this and live a good life with the energy and vitality that they need to live as they chose. So why are so many people unhealthy, ill and unhappy with the current situation?

In today’s world where every part of the day has become filled with stuff, and people are diagnosed with a variety of lifestyle diseases, feeling good can safely be described as one of the most precious things that we can enjoy.

How is it that as you walk around, you see thousands of unhealthy and unhappy people? At a time when we spend more money on the National Health Service, food and fitness.

We have more health clubs, home training equipment, food drinks and knowledge that at any other time in human history yet we also have more people who are ill. Just does not add up, does it?

People are living longer but with many medical problems that could be avoided, the hospitals are filling up and if you have attempted to find somewhere for your ageing parents to live you know of the minefield that that involves, yet this is the future that many people. Possible you face. Do you worry about what you may become?

Being Healthy in Life.
We all know that our lifestyles are what decide how healthy we are and it is this area that needs changing. Good lifestyle choices that involve good healthy eating, moderation of drinking alcohol and smoking, it might be a good idea to remove these
habits from your life.

Exercise on a regular basis staying active and enjoying sports. Having a good social life with friends and a healthy family to help and support us. A job or some means of income that we enjoy and brings us pleasure.

Having a healthy emotional and mental life.
Having a mind free from
worry, anxiety's and stress is vital for being healthy and living a lifestyle that will allow you wellness in your life. Can you imagine what this is like to be free of these and it does not involve winning the lottery. It's only a thought away.

When you have these things and balanced life you will be healthy. But what happens we create a lifestyle filled with excuses for why we can not live in this ideal way with health, love contentment and joy in our lives. Then we do not
accept responsibility for what we have created and for choosing to live this way.

So why haven't you? Why are you not healthy?
If you look at what drives the things you need to do to live in this way you discover that the one thing they depend on, eating healthy, exercising regularly, avoiding drugs and chemical stimulation and the way you think and feel all depends on one thing.

Your Mind.
Your lifestyle your health the habits, behaviours, opinions and the emotional states you experience are all controlled and driven by your own mind and how you think and feel. This is the one area that anyone who attempts to help you will have to deal with, changing you, or in reality getting you to change the way you live your life.

The bottom line is you are controlled to live the way you do by, your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings. So you are in control, the problem for you at the moment is you are not. If you want to change this call me.

Your Control Mind
subconscious control level of mind is what makes you who you are and how you live, so all your unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices are controlled and driven by this part of you, and this is the part that will have to be changed for you to be healthy.

We now have techniques which allow you to gain control over your subconscious mind. If mastered, your subconscious mind will help you steer clear of many health problems. And lifestyle choices that will hurt you.

Today a large number of people are waking up to the reality of hypnosis, self-hypnotic techniques, EFT and NLP are incredibly useful for addressing problems related to lifestyle choices and mental and emotional aspects of an individual’s life.

Right from curing a variety of addictions such as nicotine, marijuana, cocaine and heroin to helping you to deal with phobias and fears; using your own mind is an effective way to tackle a lot of problems.
Self-hypnosis has also helped scores of people in developing healthy eating habits which lead to weight loss, or weight gain.

EFT has helped clients to deal with fibromyalgia, migraines, sexual problems such as
premature ejaculation and impotence which cause much stress and anguish in a persons life that you may be able to change using these advanced mind control techniques.

However, once these health problems are removed or the symptoms reduced, you will need to change the way you live to avoid them coming back. Many illnesses are caused by how you live and this if you, your health is something that you can improve.

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