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A Good Nights Sleep
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A good night's sleep is vital to our wellbeing and health, you can in a few hours now and then, working to meet a deadline, or one of the kids is ill, and nothing much will happen. Your problems start when you have regular occurrences of this and begin to develop a pattern of insomnia.

It is an easy thing to do, and as you slip down this slope some very cool things happen in your mind, and you begin to use natural mental processes to continue with your problem.

You begin to stress over going to sleep, and this sets off a whole load of other problems, you start to
worry get anxiety flowing through your mind and program yourself with negative self-hypnosis and your own negative internal dialogue will help to keep you awake.

The emotional and physical results of this you are aware of, you get frustrated easier, become irritated, lose your temper more often, concentration and memory begin to fail you, and you make mistakes. Worst than that you are usually no fun to be around.

You may also have noticed that your health can suffer, you get more colds, and your old injuries start to play up, and they can be physical or emotional.

Did you know that fear or flight responses in your body will shut down your
immune system, that's one of the reasons you get ill?

When you stress yourself your
subconscious mind goes on alert and sets in motion a whole string of amazing things in your brain. Specific biological reactions are programmed into you and when a real or imaginary threat is detected you survival instincts go on high alert. So you won't go to sleep.

However, you are responsible for your own mind and what you think. Worry, fear and anxiety are just signals that you have to pay attention, and do something. They are little warning signals from your subconscious mind that action is required to fix a problem. When you have done this, the systems are turned off.

Very simple and elegant. So how do you begin to learn these skills and dramatically improve the quality of your life, change your stress response, become more in control and start to get a good nights sleep? How do you learn to grow into someone who takes the necessary action to solve your problems?

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