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Real or Imaginary.

Unlike what you might think the world is not how you see or experience it. We do not all live on the same planet at least not inside our minds, and that is where we sit and interact with all around us

If you have ever watched “Men in Black” in one part of the film, they encounter an alien that has been shot or something. The front of the face come off, and a little guy is sitting in the head. Looking at all these controls. You are similar.

You see the outside world with your eyes, and the information enters your head. But you know sometimes you know what is not there or fail to look at your keys on the table in front of you.

You hear things with your ears, yet you often fail to listen to a question or misunderstand what you are told.

You feel with your nerve endings. Yet you can't always rely on them for exact information. Operations have been carried out for many years under hypnosis and with no anaesthetic. They still go on a friend of mine is an anesthesiologist and has been part of such operations.

You taste with your mouth yet often you do not know what you eat. OK, you get the idea.

Information is received from the outside world through your seances and passed inside. However, your brain then decides what it means to you through a set of internal filters that changes the information to suit you not necessarily based on the external world.

These filters are based on your interpretations, beliefs, fears, perceptions, assumptions,
cultural indoctrination, motivations and a host of other internal factors including if you want to do it or not. Your reality is how you organise your world you make a model of it, and it decides what you will see or miss, how you will live or die, how much pleasure you will receive or how much you will give.

You will see the world as you chose to based on your
subconscious programs that you have loaded in or what others have programmed into you.

There are some shared realities if you jump off a high building you will fall. If you drive a car into a wall, you may get injured. Consider that external reality is what will show on a videotape what is recorded by the camera not what you think or what you thought happened or is happening.

You can see that your reality is subjective based on your conditioning, and so is everyone else. This is one of the reasons we have so much hassle with relationships and other people saying to us “I thought” or “I assumed” and “you should”.

Just like you and me, they are basing it on their own internal filter systems. We all move through our worlds based on these. The problem is are yours useful for how you want to live. If they are based on someone else believes or were helpful at a younger time in your life are they now useful? They may not be.
Old programs and misinterpretations do cause problems each day for millions of people.

Another Problem. Your brain is designed to work in specific ways, and one of these is to protect you from danger or possible danger, so it has inbuilt biological protections to help you survive.

Some really cool things happen to your perceptions of reality when you get
stressed. Learning to understand how your mind and brain works allow you to change your responses and how you will respond, feel and behave. NLP EFT and hypnosis are great ways to do this as they will enable you to understand and control you.

Yet another. Most people do not have a reality checker inside their own heads. They tend to believe what the
voices tell, them even if it is total rubbish. We have become used to allowing our little voices to mess us up. Yet you are responsible for what you say to you, and you can decide to remove or turn off these little demons.

It just takes training and practice. If you have looked at
Doctor Who or the people who are not their pages you know where I am coming from.

The problem is that often your deep control levels within your subconscious mind have difficulty knowing the difference between what is on the video camera and what you or it is making up. You do live your life based on your own internal fantasies.

Your emotions are not that accurate at letting you know what is happening yet many just respond to what they feel without any thought or reality check. Your feelings are tools to be used, and as with any other razor-sharp tool, if you do not become skilled in its use, it will damage you.

Just what works. Often although the reality is subjective and not real things work even though we know it is not true and that can be OK many things are using just the same.

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