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Forgiving others and yourself.

Deciding to let go of the past and forgive others is a vital part of self-healing and understanding. Most systems use it due to its powerful benefits. As it allows you to close a chapter in your life and move on.

When you truly forgive you forget. So it no longer plays a role in your life.
Someone who says “I forgive my parents for all the bad things they did to me”, has not.

So what are the benefits of deciding to forgive?
Becoming powerful and stop being a powerless little victim?
Blaming others for how pathetic you are?
What are the benefits of choosing how you are going to feel?
Taking back responsibility for your life, happiness, success and improving and increasing the enjoyment in your life?
What are the benefits of loving, excepting and forgiving my self, for all the mistakes I have made, so that I honestly feel comfortable in my skin, and at ease with who and what I am?

Whoops, I guess they are the benefits.

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