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Stop Your Fear of Flying and Panic Attacks.
From A Hypnotist Who was Also a Pilot.
Warwickshire Help.

You are not really scared of flying, are you? No really, the idea of an aeroplane in the air flying as it was designed to and safely taking you somewhere you want to be. Landing safely at the other end.

It is your thoughts that are the problem, not the plane.
You scare yourself before you even get in a plane. I know. You are not my first.

Hi, I was a private pilot, sometimes I used to take a client flying when cured. Who better to help you overcome your Fear of Flying than me someone who understands your fears and your mind and can help you overcome them.
* Afraid of Flying Be Free At Last
* Do You Miss Holidays
* Business Meetings
* Are you worried and fearful
* Is Your Family Suffering Because You won’t Take a Flight
* Are You Embarrassed about Your Childish Fear
* Remove you panic and anxiety attacks
Does some or all of the above apply to you?
If you are avoiding air travel you are going to lose out on holidays, family gatherings pleasure with friends and other priceless experiences in your life that will never come again.

If you are flying with
anxiety, what is the cost to your health, your work, your family life? Only you can work out the actual value to your life and those around you.

Sometimes the thought of an aeroplane can send people into a severe emotional spin. I have known clients who when they even hear an aeroplane overhead will feel terrible. Shaking cold sweats and feel all wobbly.

When I hear or see an aeroplane I smile and feel great inside, so we are doing something between our ears that is entirely different.

It can be different. There is something you can do about it, and you can start today. You can use hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, NLP and EFT to remove this fear or another in your life.

Overcoming your
fear, phobia or anxiety allows you to feel powerful and in control of your own mind. It builds self-confidence and self-esteem.

Soon you will be able to;
* Fly relaxed and confident in just a few hours
* Remove overwhelming feeling of fear of flying — fast.
* Go on holiday with the kids.

What is Fear Of Flying?
Clinically known as "aviophobia" or "aerophobia," fear of flying is far more than a health concern about airline safety. Instead, it's a significant inhibitor that can cause panic attacks and keep you from loved ones and business associates. Symptoms typically include shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea, and overall feelings of dread.

But it is seldom a fear of flying.
I have yet to meet someone who is afraid of an airline flying.
Fear of flying is often a learned fear -
Fear of flying is mainly irrational. It's not the result of you looking at statistics, weighing up the pros and cons and coming to a sensible conclusion. Instead,
your imagination just takes over.

There could also be another underlying fear - that of losing control - where you fear that you're literally handing your life over to the skill of the pilot and crew. Who has every desire to get home to there loved ones and spend all the money they will pick up at the end of the month? Who has been trained to very high levels of skill and competence?

If you have real anxiety such as claustrophobia, this can be worsened by the knowledge that you just can't get out of a plane at 30,000 ft, and this anticipated anxiety will set you off. All in your head again.

Usually, it is something else Crashing or being trapped of not being in control.
So what would happen if we called it what it is?
You are brilliant at your own self-hypnosis.
Think about it to bring on the feelings you have, when you think about being in an aircraft. (Remember you are not actually in it you are only thinking about it.)

Yet you can manifest shortness of breath, sweating palms, fear anxiety. And you are not even in an aircraft. You are in Self Hypnosis.

This is the enormous power of Hypnosis. It works.
And the same power that has limited you in your past will set you free.

I can rapidly train your conscious and
unconscious mind to connect positive feelings to flying.

And if you're one of those people who has been playing a mini-disaster film in your head, and pretending they are real, you'll find the screen goes blank. The film will never play again. Once your unconscious mind feels safe and learns how to respond appropriately, it will always know -Fear of flying is gone. Forever.

Pilots and Air traffic controllers ensure the safety of over two million aviation passengers per day – over 700 million people per year.

Meagre accident rates:

Over 18 year period - (1982-1999) Average Fatal Accident Rate for Major Airlines:

0.0432 Accidents per 100,000 departures

1 accident for every 2,300,000 departures
Only 0.0000000004% chance of being in an accident each time you fly!

In a plane, you are 29 times less likely to come to any harm than if you are in a car. You get the idea?

Become a fearless flyer.

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