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Self Sabotage and Procrastination.

Self Sabotage and procrastination are simple things to understand, and you have experienced it thousands of times in your life, times when you know you should do something and don't.

You make a conscious decision to carry out some task or make a change, rational, sensible and logical you end up logically indulging in self-defeating behaviours.

Something unusual happens,
you become illogical, irrational, over-emotional you behave like a child who makes excuses to avoid something.

You have just experienced "subconscious incongruence" You begin to get distressing or uncomfortable emotions or feelings in your body, you feel uncomfortable, then depending on how aware you are.

You may begin to hear voices in your head, negative often childish voices starting to tell you things. You start a process of "negative internal dialogue" and "negative self-hypnosis". You then procrastinate over the issue and usually find some other distraction to take your mind off it.

Things like: I'll do it later, It will be hard. I don't want to do it. What's the point? It will be difficult. What if I fail. You may then begin to see images or run movies in your mind. Then you may start to justify your decision to avoid the task. You start a process of self-deception.

It is as if you mind has been hijacked, by something that is far more powerful than your intelligence. It has. Welcome to the "boss". This part of you is who and what you really are, and it controls all your habits, beliefs, behaviours, opinions and what you will do on a day to day basis. With or without your consent. Unless you change.

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred you don't do the thing you know you should or have to decide to do. You suddenly become lazy and unmotivated, you find a reason to put it off, "I'll just have a cup of tea, then I will do it" Did you?

A cool flip side is often we avoid the thing that we know we should stop doing. This is just as important. That's why defining our fears can be more beneficial and productive than defining our goals and working to achieve them.

Often when we do this, the self-sabotage and procrastination will evaporate.

This process of subconscious resistance, self-sabotage and procrastination is just an unconscious process that has become a behaviour, as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing the task or decision.

Now, every behaviour and habit has a positive intent, to the old part of your brain the reptilian brain or your inner child (not really but if it helps), it has a definite survival reason for doing this. A benefit is working here, all it really is, is your subconscious mind putting its hand up and saying.

"What you have requested in incompatible with the current programming I am running". Computer says "No".

Logically this is a good thing to know, as now you can change the program, sort out the conflict and get what you want your brain to do for you. Procrastination and what seems to be self-sabotage can then be looked at as a trusted friend who is just letting you know you have something to fix.

The trick is learning to do this so that it becomes a habit for you to behave in this way when you are informed that you have subconscious resistance.

The problem is that most people run on
auto-pilot and just run with the emotions they get when they procrastinate, then they turn off the reality checker in their mind and continue as they were.

Once you understand that there is a slight glitch in your other mind, things become very easy, and when your conscious mind, and your subconscious mind both want the same thing, when the two areas of the brain are congruent, you become faster, more efficient and things become more comfortable.

To control Self Sabotage and procrastination, you only have to understand that they are protection mechanisms that are keeping you in a safety and
comfort zone to get you to avoid an uncomfortable issue.

If you would like to know how to do this contact me or follow this active link Pilgrim. You will begin the process of removing subconscious resistance, laziness, self-sabotage, procrastinating and putting things off.

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