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Emotional Freedom Techniques
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EFT is one of the most effective and fast techniques available for health and healing.

Developed by Gary Craig as a fast and effective way of being emotionally more centred and untriggered, and to remove limiting emotions, states, habits and other self-limiting problems in your life.

Your emotional health and well-being are vital in living your lifestyle in a way that fully supports you.

Some Benefits To You
• No Side Effects.
• Few Sessions Needed
• Works Where Nothing Else Will.
• Rapid,
• Long Lasting
• Easily Learned by Anyone.
• Can be Self Applied.

What is EFT
This is a swift way for you to remove your emotional problems in your life, every day we all experience emotional responses to events that happen. As these have become automatic and unconscious, few people have an emotional life that is pleasant. Usually every day people experience anger, resentment, fear anxiety, worry stress and problems with other people and the most critical issues for themselves.

When I was teaching martial arts and self-defence I often mentioned that your biggest enemy and the person who will attack and beat you up the most, so the agresser to learn how to defeat or control is who?

You guessed it. YOU.

We are often the most unpleasant and unkind to ourselves. Our heads are filled with terrible language we beat ourselves up, crisis and run our selves down all day long.

Of course these voices in our heads our constant negative internal dialogue is not real, However, we do respond as if they are. Practising EFT will over time allow you to reduce and remove all those little voices that you listen to that make you feel like crap.

We are continually hypnotising our selves and moving from state to state in a trance. These techniques will allow you to change that.

Allowing you to change habits and your thinking and feelings. And changing the way you feel is what you are after. You want to change or remove a feeling you have or get more of others. Emotional freedom therapy is a perfect description of what this therapy does for you.

Many people are aware that they are emotionally triggered by past memories of events that have happened or believe may have happened.

They have memories of the past that everyday effect's there presents life because of the emotions attached to them. They are suffering because of memories of there past, and this affects how they respond today in business their relationships and other areas of life.

Using EFT, it is possible to remove the emotions and habits attached to these memories. They are after all only memory's, not real and not happening today but they do effect today.

Many of our current relationship problems are due to outdated responses, often from a younger time when we were ignorant of life, and it's responsibilities. We usually make stuff up and believe it to be true, great for a child, not very useful when you are attempting to live as an adult.

Stress, anxiety and worry are reduced we create these feelings ourselves so we can learn to change these unhelpful habits. Always we find that other people annoy us less.

Realising that we are responsible for our emotional responses not the other. Allows us to change or stop them so we no longer get angry or annoyed when others do not behave in a way we believe they should.

After tens of thousands of people using EFT to have their problems and issues removed and more in-depth research being done into this system of healing it has become apparent that highly skilled masters of EFT combine many effective therapies all at once.

Very much like a master of martial arts hitting you many times a second and from many different angles. You don’t stand a chance. A skilled master of this art will also be using hypnosis, NLP and practical psychology.
Some of the techniques being used include.
State change.
Positive intent.
Hypnotic language.
Provocative therapy.
Calling on Bull.
Submodality shifts.
Embedded commands.
Psychic Influence.

All at once so you can see now that although emotional freedom therapy is an easy and effective system of personal emotional healing, to do it well requires many skills.

Once you learn how to effectively use EFT you can continue to make powerful personal changes for the rest of your life. Many clients enjoy doing their homework and practice emotional freedom techniques each day to keep making improvements in their life.

How I can help you.
I have been in successful private practice as a therapist since 1991.
This is not to boast, just to let you know that I have the experience and skills necessary to help you remove the problems in your life or in the presence of someone you care about.

Today we face a problem in therapy and the healing arts. We have thousands of new therapists being turned out every year by the training schools, many do not last long. I am not one of them. I have helped many people with there personal and emotional problems down the years, so you will not be my first.

I use a combination of my skills in hypnosis, NLP, EFT and common sense to help clients initiate changes in there lives. The common sense part often invites the most questions. I also sell a range of self-hypnosis MP3’s and instantly available downloads that are used by experienced therapists with our clients.

They are not the typical watered down self-hypnosis and healing recordings that are usually sold to the public. These work, otherwise they would not be given to my clients to make our job easier and ensure their success with there problems.

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