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Alcohol Abuse Problems
Warwickshire UK.

It may well be that if you have found this page, you have become aware that you have a problem, many people do, or you may have a glitch with someone you love. You may be in a co-dependent relationship with someone who has the problem, someone who is an alcoholic and suffers from alcoholism. More on that further down the page.

It's my fantasy that everyone who chooses to drink has at some time in there life got drunk and done some silly, embarrassing or horrendous things. If you remember your first drink, it probably did not taste nice you had to learn how to enjoy or use booze.

Usually, when they were younger, it is part of learning to use alcohol and goes with the course. Many children
binge drink, get into arguments, kill themselves and others or get pregnant or lose friends, we expect this of kids.

Part of an adults responsibility is to understand this and teach them, guide them through example or punish them until they learn to drink responsibly or stop. Some people choose not to drink for health reasons, you know what the harmful effects of drinking are to your health so I won't go into it.

Others know that what or who they really are at a
subconscious level of mind will come out. The real them will be uncovered, so they choose to limit and control booze so as not to get into trouble. They are responsible enough to know that if excessive alcohol makes them angry, abusive or obnoxious.

They know the results, so they realise that if they choose to do it, they are
responsible for there actions drunk or not. Not a very popular angle in today's society where many seem to deny responsibility and accountability for there action's, but it is that way.

We have some people who have never developed the mental or emotional maturity to drink well, they are not good drunks. Along with this also goes solving your own psychological problems glitches or inadequacies. Your little or substantial subconscious emotional problems will come screaming out when you get past a certain point.

Alcohol is often used to change someone's state or to blank out difficulties in life and can sometimes be beneficial in the short term. However, it does point out that you do have many
habits to undo, skills to learn, problems to face and much to learn.

We also have the co-dependent relationship. It may take a couple of forms. The alcoholic or drinker know that they will receive a lot of attention, sympathy comfort or support from some people out there.

They mistakenly believe in some cases they will receive love and others will show they care. Often alcohol is used as a way to manipulate the people around them to behave as they want and give the drinker some emotional benefit.

An interesting flip to this can be with the partner. A
victim need someone to victimise them, they have to attract each other in some way. Many partners almost support their drunks habit. So what can they possibly get out of this deal?

At some level they are getting emotional benefits for staying in this relationship, there is a
secondary gain to be had. As with the person who has the drinking problem they may get attention, admiration or sympathy from others they know, many people will give them time and attention.

So, if you recognise any of the behaviours above and have read this far, congratulations. Many would have clicked off this page long ago they would have been offended or not wanted this kind of honesty. Of course,
taking offence is a personal choice.

So now you do have a few more options than you had before. If you realise you are in a bad relationship with an alcohol abuser. You can change or get out of the relationship. You can learn how to increase your
self-confidence and set boundaries in the relationship and decide to grow your self-respect and love for your self.

If you realise that you personally have a drinking problem and the effects of abusing alcohol. There are options for you as well.

I can help you to stop drinking.
You will understand why you do it. Discover the glitches that you need to fix and install new habits, behaviours and change the relationship you have with booze.

You can learn how to control your drinking.
So that you do the least amount of harm and damage not only to yourself but to those around you. This is a long process as there is much to learn may take you a couple of months before you notice your alcohol habits have changed and people around you seem to be happier and are beginning to enjoy your company.

You can also do nothing.
Yes, that is also an option. You can just continue to get worst, you can continue to let your life, health and relationships degenerate. This can be a benefit as well as if this is your angle. Why do you do it? You must be getting many benefits from this way of feeling. Just a thought.

I am not being nasty or judging you.
It is just down the years I have learnt that people have to be at cause in life not effect. In my time I have often enjoyed too much drinking and done stupid things. Someone even attempted to shoot me once, I did deserve it. Thankfully he missed.

The bottom line is if
you choose to use alcohol for whatever reason it is a choice you make, so it is only you who can decide to change this habit. Always you will have an emotional or psychological glitch to fix often many, and you have to find your own reasons for doing that.

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