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Alcohol Dependence.

In Warwickshire UK.

Alcohol dependency is growing in Warwickshire UK. Many people are running the risk of depending on the liquid nectar and are running a severe risk of having there lives dramatically changed if they continue with this habit.

So what do you look out for?
Do you find it hard to live from day to day without having a drink?

Are you planning your life around doing it?

Are you just finding the bottle in your bag after a shopping trip?

Do you find it difficult to stop once you have started?

Are you hiding the stuff?

Lying to your family, friends and yourself about your habit?

Do you enjoy a tipple in the morning?

Is your tolerance growing?

Is it requiring more to get you drunk?

So you are losing control more often?

Are your professional and personal relationships beginning to suffer?

Do you get the shakes, tremors and nausea?

Look out for the warning signals that you may be becoming dependent on alcohol.

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