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Useful Help with Controlling Fear and Fears.
Most days I get called by people who are having problems with fears, being scared and frightened in their life and want help to overcome them. They no longer want to experience the pain and discomfort of it let alone the stress it brings.

It seems to be growing as many are now experiencing problems with finance, money problems due to the changing economy and threats of impending doom. This creates real concerns over the future and what may be. From job security, the kids, to growing concerns because their relationships are breaking down because of the stress of it all.

If you have looked through this site, you will know that I tell it as it is. So first off for you to help yourself, let's look at this from a different point of view about your fears and what is frightening you.

Why would you want to get rid of something that nature gave you to avoid being hurt?

It is designed to save your life and make you aware of the danger. If this is the case, it is normal and natural to feel fear and sometimes be fearful and frightened of being hurt in life. When real danger is around it is a good signal to have. All it is doing is telling you to be more aware, switch on and take the necessary action, to take care of yourself or your loved ones.

It is time to look at the situation and do what needs to be done.
The powerful emotions are a way of getting your attention. That's all.
Those feelings of uneasiness, apprehension and butterflies in your stomach are just a signal.

Now, what are you going to do about it?
We are not generally educated to the fact that we are able to do things when we get frightened, it is great for leaders and politicians, political leaders and religious leaders to have control over us. Knowing this it is easy to control people using fear, and we all do it in one form or another.

Most normal people have never learnt how to control the mind, emotions and the physical responses that we have when we get afraid.

All of the successful people, I have had the pleasure of meeting, in all walks of life admit that often they were frightened and scared to death at some point. From members of the armed forces, the emergency services to successful business people all agree that fear was something that they regularly courted and had learnt to handle, in fact, it made them as good as they are.

They have developed a way of dealing with it, they were still afraid and had developed an attitude of "I'll handle it". They had all the physical and emotional symptoms you have but learnt to use them or turn them off, they all decided to take action and accept responsibility for the next few seconds, hours or years.

When fears strike us, we can do one of three things, Run, Freeze or Fight.

Some people fight.
Like the successful people I have come into contact with, they take action and do stuff. They have also planned and learnt what they will need to do long before they need it or they were naturally flexible in their responses. In any real survival situation the most flexible and adaptable and realistic wins.

You can run this also includes hiding. Sometimes a good thing to do.
However. Many turn away and will not face what they have to do, and avoid doing things, don't face up to responsibilities, this sometimes works.

You can also freeze.
Your mind puts you in a state where you are immobilised, unable to move, physically or emotionally or mentally. This state tends to be the most common, and you will see examples of this all around you.

It is all linked to your stress responses, and it is for this reason we always recommend the Reduce Stress MP3, it helps to turn off many of the unhelpful feeling and thoughts that you may be experiencing when fear hits and you become afraid and pulls you out of some of these states.

The truth is as an adult you are meant to know how to handle these situations. However, when it hits, another area of your mind will take over unless you have trained yourself to be different.

This area does not know the difference between what is real and what you have imagined. It's a part of our old brain when it is activated to possible danger, a real one, a guy with a knife, or an imaginary one, they don't like me, what if they leave me, Mr God will be unhappy with me.

Real or imaginary.
The question to ask your self is. Is it real or imaginary? Being near a cliff edge or a guy pulling a knife on you is real. Having just lost your job is real, the threat of what might happen is just that. At the moment you can take action to avoid the feared outcome. This is down to running your own mind, and you are going to have to learn this.

What usually happens is that your subconscious mind perceives a danger that may not be real. Due to how this part of us is made up and how your
subconscious mind often works the threat is not real it is a fantasy, a part of you has made it up and the fear and anxiety you are feeling are a response to this, the feelings are real the chemicals are real however the threat is not.

If you look at your own emotional life and honestly answer these questions. How much time do you spend worrying? Feeling nervous? How often do you avoid public speaking? How many promotions have you lost due to feelings? How often do you work your self up by having arguments with
people who are not there? How often do I feel fear?

Many relationship problems are due to us making stuff up inside our own minds and behaving as if it is true.
It's the truth I just made it up is a common habit.

So what can you do?
The first thing to understand is that you and only you
are responsible for what you feel and for your own personal behaviour. No one does it to you, so the responsibility is yours. Your mind is a bit like a computer, and you will have to learn how to use it so that you can produce the best work or play.

At other times and for some people a lot more work will be involved however only you can decide how much of your life and the lives of those around you is being wasted because of the fear in your life.

If you want help contact me and I will be delighted to assist you. You can have a life were fear, stress and anxiety are something that affects you very little as you learn how to respond to them with a more mature outlook.

You see the difference is what you do. Up until now, you may not have known that you can handle this situation. When you know you can do this, then fear just makes you do it faster and with greater effectiveness. If you do not know what to do, then it will just turn you into a

Some of our everyday fears, which of course includes worries and anxieties.

Public speaking and presentations, of going red and blushing, stuttering and stammering, being nervous in public places and social anxieties and concerns,

Fear of exams, examinations and taking the test, grading and competitions, of being put on the line and possibly not being good enough, of fear and success, and wealth and poverty, and not having enough.

Of health issues, becoming ill, illness and disease, of growing old, being in pain dying and death. Fear of heaven and hell, and god religion guilt, sin, and other religious groups, Christians Muslims and different peoples beliefs.

Being seen naked, sex, sexuality, love, being loved, intimacy and commitment, of breakups and getting together, fear of men or women, along with all our sexual related issues, is it, or am I big enough, or small enough, or round enough, will it stay up, can I get it up, I come to quick, or slow, I don't enjoy sex any more with my partner, husband-wife or girlfriend or boyfriend. I am worried about not having orgasms or giving them,

Fears anxiety or worry about of changing partners, or finding new ones, or leaving one and all the body image issues of attractiveness, and weight and marriage and divorce and separation from the family and children.

Fear, worry and anxieties of travel, in buses or coaches, trains and on the tube, travelling in a car, motorways and driving fast, crossing bridges and high places, fear of flying, of being out of control and in enclosed spaces, terrorism and attack and being powerless and accidents. Boats, liners and ships, of being on the sea or oceans.

Of water, washing, dirt, germs and contamination. Of vomiting throwing up or other people doing it. Concerns over doctors, nurses consultants, dentists and hospitals, needles and sharp things and objects.

We have a whole range of animal glitches as well, dogs and cats, mice and rats, fish and snakes, reptiles and amphibians, to moths and birds and butterflies, bees and wasps and all manner of creepy crawly things.

Fears of natural events and mother nature, such things as earthquakes, tidal waves tsunami, thunder and lightning storms and rain, and floods and flooding and the dark.

Asteroids, meteoroids solar wind and of course now aliens and other cosmological events over which we have no control.

It would seem that the human mind can create fear, anxiety and worry over almost anything. Yet if you can learn to fear, you can also reverse it and learn how to overcome it and become stronger.

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