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March 2012

NLP Leamington Spa Warwickshire.

NLP Leamington Spa Warwickshire.
I have just redesigned one of my other sites.

Help With Self Confidence Warwickshire.

Help With Self Confidence Warwickshire.
It is well known that problems with confidence and esteem lead to an unhappier life and often leads to personality disorders making your life and the lives of those around you unhappy and unfulfilled. It can lead to.

How Hypnosis Really Works

How Hypnosis Really Works
Many people want to find out how hypnosis and self hypnotic techniques work and are curious about this amazing tool. There are millions of web sites on the internet and thousands of books in print that will give you an idea as to how it works however very few will give you what really happens and guide you to the skills that you can acquire.

Secondary Gain. Why you can’t change.

Secondary Gain.
This may seam a strange idea to new comers to personal change work, the idea that you keep the problem, up until now, because it does something for you. It is helping you in some positive way.

Control Fear Warwickshire Help

Control Your Fear.
It seams to be growing as many are now experiencing problems with finance, money problems and threats of impending doom, this creates real concerns over the future and what may be. From job security, the kids to growing concerns because their relationships are breaking down because of the stress of it all.

Self Hypnosis In Leamington Spa Warwickshire UK

Learning self hypnosis is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. Many techniques of mind control use it and it is central to self mastery, awareness and control.
All things very few people have, so you will also gain an edge over many around you.

About Real Smart Hypnosis.

I have just put up a short bio on me and hypnosis.

Consultation for Hypnosis.

I have just put up a Consultations for hypnosis page.

Stress suppresses your immune system.

Stress suppresses your immune system.
You already know that stress makes you dumb and takes away your ability to think clearly. You have all the experience you need to know that you become highly emotional often irrational and have said and done dumb things to your self and others. When you enter your stress state, you begin to activate the fight, flight or freeze mode for a real or imagined threat to your survival.

Survival Mode. Some of the things stress can do.

Survival Mode. Things that happen to your body when you get the fight, freeze or run away responses. You may notice that many of these happen when you enter a stress state or become stressed. Reducing and removing worry, anxiety and feeling of fear often produce the most amazing relief of symptoms.

Why stress makes you dumb.

Why stress makes you dumb.
Have you ever wondered why you, under stress become dumb?
Ever wondered why an intelligent person like you, who is educated may even have a degree a normally sane and logical rational person, suddenly turns out of control over something that later you know is stupid.

Problems Getting to Sleep and Insomnia Warwickshire Help.

Problems getting to sleep.
Many have difficulty in getting to sleep at night, or even during the day if you do shift work and if we take pain out of the equation it usually boils down to a few simple things.

Before we move on if you are suffering from insomnia and sleep related problems associated with pain, your first port of call must be your own doctor. If you have watched the recent BBC horizon programme on pain, you will know that scientists have shown that our experience of pain is subjective, our emotions especially anxiety and worry will increase the amount of pain we experience.

Pay The Price. How to get what you want.

Pay The Price. How to get what you want.
Often I get people ring me up, or even get to the consultation stage who are after a quick fix. Now, thats OK because many of the simple things they want can be fixed quickly, and with a little effort on their part in accepting active responsibility for life they are able to very quickly turn things around and get on with life.

Often that just involves a couple of sessions, sleeping to a very special self hypnosis recording, forget the others they usually don’t work, and every day doing a few simple drills. As a wise man said “if you don’t do the drills, you don’t get the skills”

Love Awareness for Having Great Relationships.

Love Awareness for Having Great Relationships.
Love awareness and having great intimate relationships is something that just about everybody wants or dreams of having. We are raised as social creatures and are taught to generally get on with people so that we can fit in to society.

Stress and Emotional Suffering in Relationship Breakups.

Stress and Emotional Suffering in Relationship Breakups.
Warwickshire Help.
When a relationship breaks up it can seam like the end of your world, and in a way it is. Many people go through a vast arrange of negative emotions and top of the list is fear and stress.

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The process of redesigning this site has lead to new buy now buttons on this Stress page.

First Blog for Real Smart Hypnosis.

This is the first blog for Real Smart Hypnosis in Leamington Spa Warwickshire UK.
I have just spent the last ten hours redesigning this web site so that it is friendly for mobile devices.

If you experience any glitches on these devices, please e-mail me through this site.


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