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Accepting personal responsibility includes.

One of the most challenging things that people have to come to terms with when they decide that they want to make powerful changes in their lives is personal responsibility.

That's a big one for people who are used to having little control over their lives, passing the buck, using excuses and rationalisations or blaming others or outside evens for how they are.

It can be a wake-up call when they realise that the life they now have is the result of the choices they have made in the past, and what they are continuing to do every day.

What’s happened to them may not be their fault, but what they choose to do about it is.

Often they have a lot of things to let go of and some growing to do. Active learning with hypnosis is all based on the reality that we are
responsible for our own minds, emotions and feelings, no one makes us feel anything without our consent.

It's how we respond to life that effects us, not what happens.

Captain Jack Sparrow says
“It’s not the problem that’s the problem. Your attitude about the issue is the problem. Savy?

If we habitually make our selves feel bad, then we can change it. If you continue to do the same things, think the same way, feel the same way, and do nothing, everything will remain the same. Nothing will change until you do.

After reading that if you have
little voices in your head, making excuses to stay how you are, then it’s subconscious incongruence. Nothing more. If you find your self-making excuses such as:

I feel overwhelmed and helpless. Life is so unfair. I'm unlucky. It's not my fault that I'm the way I am.
Life is an endless struggle; there are too many burdens to bear. My parents, partner, friends, coworkers, boss, health, the weather, make me depressed or angry or upset me. It’s OK for them.

Some people get all the breaks; I'm just unfortunate. There's nothing I can do; it's just the way the world is. I can't change, because of the government, my employers, and back-stabbing coworkers. I'm unsuccessful because of age, discrimination, sexism or jealousy. Self-help books, positive thinking, or the advice of others can't help me.

It may be time to learn a more effective way of being.
If you find yourself making these kinds of excuses, then it is time to change. If you listen to what you are telling yourself, and it happens to be unhelpful, they realise that you are indulging in really cool negative self-hypnosis, it can be different.

So it’s now your choice to run with it or get off your habitual response.
With hypnosis these days that’s easy, even easier when you learn some simple NLP and self-hypnosis. So if you need a change in your life, why not begin by recognising that your present situation is not the result of your genes, parents, education, job, luck, timing, health, or environment.

Instead, it is the choices you have made and the actions you have taken, that have brought you where you are today, or the decisions you did not make, what you did not do.

That gives you high power and can stop you from being a
victim. If you want to change the reality that you have, then you have some stuff to learn and practice so that your life becomes more prosperous.

Personal responsibility is for people who want to grow and learn, to become happier with
less stress and fewer worries. People who no longer want to be a victim, to themselves or others. To become fitter stronger and more flexible in the choices they make.

If that's you give me a call, we can work together.

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