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Binge Drinking
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Binge drinking or heavy episodic drinking is a big problem in Warwickshire it affects hundreds of people and not just at the weekend although it is the weekend drinking that seems to get the publicity.

Bingeing on alcohol can last for hours, several days, or in extended abuse weeks. If you can remember what you did.

This often causes embarrassment, guilt, shame and damage to your personal relationships you also increase the possibilities of losing your personal belongings or being stolen from as well as being attacked or raped.

It can seem fun to the young during adolescence to get pissed as quickly as possible and have as much fun as possible. However, it does carry many social and physical risks.

You and your friends might be fun to be around at the start but as the night goes on you increase the risk of annoying people becoming obnoxious and getting into physical harm not just from falling over and injuring yourself. But also getting into arguments and fights.

You also increase the chances that you will experience a stroke by 10 times sudden death on the weekend in young adults, and middle-aged people increase significantly, and of course, you may also get alcohol poising or vomit and drown on your own vomit.

It is stupid to attempt to drive or get into a car with someone who has been drinking or ride a bike when drunk although one of the side effects of drinking is your intelligence drops, so you do dumb things.

For girls and women intoxication, getting wasted and binge drinking also carry other risks. Women get drunk quicker than men sorry girls it is a physiological reality.

Earlier sexual activity is common many young girls get drunk and get laid and don't even remember it. You are likely to have more one night stands as well as unprotected sex which may lead to unwanted pregnancy and a higher risk of sexually transmitted disease.

Women binge drinkers are three times more likely to be victims of sexual assault; 50% of adolescent girls have reported sexual assault were under the influence of alcohol. Both men and women are more likely to indulge in taking advantage of each other when drunk.

As you get older, your looks, health and sex life will all suffer. The costs will mount as well as your health, your income and your work all will suffer. Just look up how many health problems and diseases and mental problems are directly related to the excess use of alcohol, and you will see that the fun does not last for long.

Binge drinking is a choice you make, you decide to do it so you must carry the responsibility for how you behave and what happens to you if you choose to do it. Did you know you are accountable and responsible for your behaviour, for what you choose to do?

Many make excuses that they were drunk or it was not me or I could not help it. If you know you will behave that way, then it is you and if you don't like the results you get. Stop it and change.

Understanding this you can change how you act. If up till now you were not aware of this, now you are, you might not like it however it is a fact.

If your drinking has got out of hand and you realise that your binge drinking is putting you at risk, you can stop it and learn to drink responsibility so you can still have all the fun with little of the downsides.

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