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Avoid Negative Influences in Your Life.

Avoid Negative Influences in Your Life.
Like people, watching the news, reading the newspapers.

Many people in life find that the people around them and the newspapers and watching the news on TV can make them feel negative and powerless in life. Recently we have all experienced the effects of the world economic crises.

Millions of people are in turmoil about the economy, their own future and income. This has caused many to experience fear, anxiety and worry to a greater extent. Stress-related disorders are on the increase, and many people are experiencing a drop in living standards.

The switched on ones are searching to find ways to avoid this, and know ultimately that their future is up to them, so they are researching on the internet and seek out books and courses to help them get the knowledge and skills they need.

Many of the resources they find will help if they acquire the knowledge, and practice the drills so that they have the necessary skills. Good stuff

Many of the teachers they come in to contact with will tell them that they are responsible for the thoughts they think and the emotions in their bodies and it is up to them to learn how to control and manipulate these. Excellent advice.

They may also be told to avoid “negative input” to prevent the newspapers as they are mainly sensation mongers and usually only say of doom and gloom. To avoid watching the news on television, as it contains mostly news items that are far from positive, focusing on disasters and problems that may come up in our lives.

Now, this is a two-edged sword, if you are just starting out then, it is true that you may not have the mental skills and tools to have a "virus scanner in your mind" so that you choose what goes in and what effects you. So as someone who does not possess these skills it is good advice.

Without these skills, it is true that the newspapers and television may well cause you to become negative and increase your stress levels. So for you at the moment this is excellent advice.

However, if you continue to do this, you will never develop the mental skills to watch the news again, or read a newspaper, or a book, or be in the real world mixing with ordinary people entirely out of control emotionally.

Negative people can bring you down, often these people are not those who are depressed or suffering from some lousy life disaster, the dangerous ones are just regular people around you. "Amateur hypnotists" who "install little viruses in your mind". It’s easy to do, and we have all done it and had it done to us.

Remember the last time some well-meaning soul, who cared for you said something like
“ are you OK you look tired, you want to be careful there is a bad cold going around, careful you don’t catch it” By the end of the day you feel terrible.

So avoiding negativity is great advice until you have the skills to deal with it.
However, this kind of advice will keep you an emotional cripple, long-term, many of the good teachers will tell you that this first step, is only the first step, the second step is to install a virus scanner in your mind so that you choose what and how it will affect you. The good ones.

So by all means when you are starting out be on the alert for negative influences like the papers and the news and people around you who are unwittingly infecting you with negative thoughts and powers.

However be aware that the most significant negative influence on you, is you. By what you think and feel. We can not change the world or the people in it. However, we can change what we allow to influence us and learn to be responsible for your own mental and emotional health.

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